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play ludo online

Did you know?

Ludo takes its root back in the 6th century, labelled as Pachisi. Well! If not Pachisi, I am sure you must have heard of Chaupar. The game that Pandav and Kaurav played in the epic – Mahabharat. The Mughal emperors of India also played the contemporary version of ludo. Later, the Indian game Chaupar was revised to use a cubic die with a dice cup and patented as “Ludo” in England in 1896 and further mutated into a board game.

Play Ludo Online

Intriguing right? How centuries-old pastime is still played and appreciated by people of all ages today. 

Ludo has been adopted to meet modernity and revived digitally into a ludo game online format.

Ludo online have become people’s pick over other online games for various reasons, the nostalgic connection towards the game, the easy-to-play technique and bringing the family together. However, operating on the basic ludo board notion has enabled even a novice or digitally unskilled person to play. However, you have to develop strategies and play skillfully to win a ludo cash game. Here are tips to play ludo online and win every day:

1. Block and lock opponent’s move

Rhyming, is it? Well! Not when it comes to the real game. Ludo game, be it online or board, demand skillful tactics and strategies in order to win. That said, the very first rule to win a ludo game is by blocking opponents moves. By doing so, you’re not only slowing them down, but you’re also increasing your chance to win. This is a sure-shot strategy at winning the best ludo game. 

However, doing so, do not forget to defend your own pawns from opponents. Make sure your token is not in danger of being cut out of the game and reach its initial position.

2. Four pawns on-board!

No brainer! It is also wise to pull all tokens out as soon as you can. If your dice shows a six or a one, instead of moving the tokens that are already out, you should focus on taking out the tokens that aren’t on the playing board yet.

But well! Also, see if you are able to kill an opponent’s pawn or need to escape from them. Later don’t come and blame us for your pawn getting killed while you were busy withdrawing another pawn on six.

Although this advice helps the game moving, this is where critical thinking plays a role. 

If all your tokens are out, you can move your game faster. Otherwise even if one of your tokens have reached the house and the other three haven’t, it will take time for you to win and you may even end up losing to your opponents. To prevent that from happening, take care that you take out and play with the maximum pawns you can.

3. Time your dice? Don’t!

Shh! This one is the secret tip of getting a chance at winning every time you play India Ludo. We all know that it is an automated game where dice have their own count, but it is still worth it to give this strategy a try. 

Try to change the timings of your dice throw. It is believed that the sooner you throw the dice the more your chances of getting a six or a one are. All you have to do is notice at what time approximately you roll the dice whenever it shows a six or a one. Once you get a fair idea of the timing, you can use it to your advantage in the game.

4. Bring the Killer in you!

The surest way to win fast is to kill your opponents’ tokens as soon as you can and whenever you get a chance. The more you kill them, the more you slow them, thus ensuring that you lead the game. Show no mercy! You only need this one move and the game is yours.

Talking of winning the game, there are ever more reasons to play online ludo game. Real money ludo game come with gripping graphics and fun features that empower one to create customized themes, chat, share funny emoticons, and many more. However, what if you could earn while playing ludo? It seems unrealistic, right?!

Well! India Ludo, a verifiable gaming app, allows you to summon your friends, family or people across India and claim your strategic skill. The easy play app also comes with other benefits like a referral bonus.

India Ludo, downloaded by thousands of people on a daily basis, has various contests from small to big where you can win and top the leaderboard while also earning money. The app also comes with an instant transfer ludo game paytm cash.

Play ludo, earn money everyday!

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