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travelling packaging

Do you dream that you are traveling to Paris… It’s an amazing flight. The hotel suite is super luxurious and The Eiffel Tower is right in front of your eyes, the lights twinkling and you feel all your stress released out. This is the moment you had been longing for after planning your trip. You look fantastic! What you don’t see in it is bags. Yes, that’s what we will talk about today.

It is always too lazy to gather things before a visit. What bags are thereafter you are already lying on the seashore in your thoughts with a daiquiri in your hand! But since you continue to can’t get out of the fees, you would like to be ready to pack your suitcase or backpack so everything you wish fits and wrinkles. We are sharing tricks that will simplify the gathering and make the trip itself easier.

Preparation: Decide what things to require on your trip

An overloaded bag on vacation is cruel. She’s hard to lift, her zipper can break, and urge a replacement T-shirt on the road, you have got to rummage through a bunch of things. Moreover, at airports, you run the danger of paying extra for being overweight.

It is better to require on the trip everything you would like and zip more. At the primary glance at the wardrobe, the mission seems impossible, but you hold on: everyone went through it. Follow our tips to urge the most effective travel gear for your trip.

Packaging: Pack your suitcase or backpack

Choosing things to travel is half the battle. The fewer belongings you have, the more important it is: you expect to use all of them, and don’t take them with you in step with the principle “to have it”.

Here are 7 easy steps to own a wonderfully packed suitcase or backpack at your feet.

1) Pack heavy and hulking items like shoes on the underside of your suitcase or the rear of your backpack. So not a centimeter of space is lost, put the socks rolled up in rolls inside the shoes or shoes, and conceal fragile things there. Pack each shoe in an exceedingly separate bag and fold so the toe of 1 is towards the heel of the opposite, and also the soles face different directions.

2) Fold clothes in rolls or bundles. And better – combine, reckoning on what exactly you add.

Rolls: T-shirts, pullovers, jeans, shirts – and nearly anything – take up less space and wrinkle less when rolled up. Then roll each item into a good roller. Leave the standard stacks for your home closet: in your luggage, they are converted into chaos.

How to fold things so that they don’t wrinkle

Bundles: Fold dresses, pants, shirts, jackets, and other large items during a tight pack. To do this, lay them on the bed in an overlapping stack. Place a solid base within the center, like a travel cosmetic bag. Now fold each item successively towards the middle of the pack and wrap it around the base.

3) Spread the folded clothes in layers. Down – rollers, the second layer – packs.

4) Shove small things within the corners. The tighter things are packed, the fewer chances they’ll be wrinkled or broken.

5) Confirm you are not bringing items that are prohibited in carry-on and checked baggage.

If it’s carry-on baggage:

Pack liquids correctly. They must be in bottles up to 100 ml and every one in one transparent 1-liter bag. At the airport, they’re older a scanner during security screening separately from other things, so don’t hide them deep in your bag;

Fragile things like camera and glass items should be on top;

If it’s luggage:

Pack liquids so that they are not leaking. Place fragile items within the center of your luggage with soft items surrounding them. Wrap glass bottles with clothes.

6) Zip and weigh the bag. Then check the airline tickets and confirm the bag fits into the airline’s carry-on and baggage allowance. If you see an overweight, put off things that you just can stuff in your pockets and take with you to the salon. Just ensure they’re allowed in your carry-on baggage.

Bonus: The way to better organize the space in your suitcase

7) If you’ve got lots of stuff to fit into a little suitcase, knockdown along with your knee. There are less radical methods. Let’s highlight three useful pieces for packing luggage: vacuum bags, organizer cases, and compression bags.

Compression (vacuum) bags

Many people use vacuum bags reception to avoid wasting space within the closet: they put winter clothes inside, suck the air with a household appliance and obtain a bag 3 times smaller in volume. For travel, take the identical, only without the valve for the home appliance. The air from the compression bag is evacuated by simple twisting.

Compression Travel Bags

If you’re planning an energetic holiday, take a glance at the compression travel bags that are tightened with slings. They’ll pack not only a bag but also clothes. In nature, they’re more convenient than bags, because they do not tear so easily, which implies that you simply can lay them out the maximum amount as you prefer on thorny grass and stones. When traveling to cities and sights, they’re going to also be available in handy, especially if you’re taking apart and assembling your backpack several times.


No one would possibly deny the fact that travelling the best destinations would be better with a good company or maybe your own company rather than a dozen bags hanging around your arms. We hope that after reading this article we probably have saved the packing trouble or maybe just made it a little smarter and easier. Yes, don’t hesitate to shop a lot! When there are amazing destinations to reach with a lesser burden on the shoulder, be it from your workplace, a relationship, a heartbreak, a long year, or heavy bags, the destination looks ten times more beautiful!

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