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We live for more likes and comments on our social media pictures and posts. Don’t we. Well, no wait. Now that Instagram is a part of the game as well. We live for more followers too. However, not everyone is as lucky as the famous actors who have millions of followers. Both on and off Instagram. It, therefore, becomes hard for influencers to gain followers. The sad part is that choosing from reasonably priced Spectrum packages so that they can post all the time is not where the influencers’ struggles end. They need more followers too.

Here are a couple of tricks to get more followers and likes:

Share Images that Work

I have yet to come across a person who says that they are fine with average images. People always fall for extraordinary pictures. And when Instagram is all about sharing pictures, then you will have to put in extra effort to make sure that they don’t look ordinary at all.

Imagine yourself scrolling through your Instagram and stopping almost immediately. What makes you stop? Unless it is a juicy piece of gossip, a very HD type of picture taken from an amazing angle is what attracts your eyes. Isn’t it.

Same is the case with others too. People tend to follow you more if they think that you share extraordinary images. You can have a look at your competitors’ account to see the type of pictures that they post. But the best part is to awaken the creative in you and post unique pictures.

Game of Captions

You need to up your caption game if you wish to increase your followership. One of the most effective ways to do is using the most popular but relevant hashtags in your captions. It is important that they are relevant too.

You can even resort to calling to action in your captions. It may sound desperate or stupid, but posts that ask of people to re-post actually get reposted more than the ones that don’t. If you want more likes, you can work in a similar way. You can actually ask people to please like this particular post.

Timing is the Key

If there is anything that will play the most integral part of increasing your likes and followers, it is the time at which you post. You might have noticed that there is a certain time at which you upload a new profile picture and it gets more likes. You need to figure out the same with your existing and potential followers as well.

You can easily figure this out by hit and trial method. Try uploading posts at different times of the day and see when they get the most likes. This is the time when most of your followers are online. As a general rule, posts that get posted between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. get more likes. Because this is the time when fewer people are competing with one another. So, the likelihood of your post getting more likes is high.

Like Others Posts

You cannot expect to get likes and followers when you are not active on other people’s profiles. To gain something you always have to give some too. Neil Patel, the digital marketing Guru, found that for every 100 posts that he liked (he was not following those people) he gained around 22 likes. So, you need to put in that effort for someone to like you back. He also earned around 7 new followers whether he followed them back or not.

Although the response of such activity depends on your business model, it is always a good idea to give it a try. In almost all cases, you will receive a positive result and see an increase in your likes as well as followers.

Like and Tag to Win Contests

You might have come across many of these contests lately. What these giveaways ask of the followers (or non-followers) is to tag friends, like that particular post and follow the accounts mentioned in the post. In this way, more people like that post and follow the mentioned accounts too. They do it all in the hope to win what the giveaway promises. This is a very fruitful activity as who doesn’t love gifts.

A giveaway does not always have to be a physical thing. An example is what ISPs do. They offer free data or upgrades from a basic to Spectrum internet package. And that keeps their customers happy and loyal. Therefore, a giveaway can be anything that you think is beneficial and attractive.

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