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ssl certificate error

When an SSL error certificate is used in a website, sensitive information is encrypted and safe. Hackers cannot read or transfer any data through connection to other servers without authorization.

In some cases, a website may not be able to verify the SSL certificate downloaded and installed. This is known as the SSL certificate error. This may occur either because of the type of SSL certificate or the browser one uses, e.g., Internet Explorer or Google chrome. 

Below is an image example of an SSL error when an Internet explorer is used in browsing;

Types of SSL certificate errors.

1.Expired SSL error

This type of error occurs when the SSL certificate used on a particular website expires. SSL certificate should be renewed or exchanged at least once per year. This will make it operate well. When this type of SSL errors occurs, a display message is shown below when one tries to browse.

2.Generic SSL Protocol Error

The type of SSL errors comes from unverified signatures or signs, an outdated algorithm for encryption, a wrong used format of SSL certificate when browsing, incorrectly installed SSL certificate on the server, e.t.c. When this SSL error occurs, there will be a display message on the search engine as shown below; 

3.SSL Certificate Revoked Error

This SSL errors shows that a website has acquired some wrong information. This maybe accidentally or intentionally. This shows that the SSL certificate has nullified it due to the inappropriate entry of data as shown; 

4.SSL Certificate Not Trusted Error

This SSL errors occurs when the site browser does not trust the SSL certificate installed and signed by a particular business or company. This may happen because it is not on the browser trustees certificate providers or certificates provided by the server. Here is an example of the appearance on the search bar in case of this error occurrence.

5.Mixed Content Error

When this SSL errors occurs, it means some information is being loaded from an insecure page and has been taken to the HyperText Transfer Protocols Secure (HTTPS) on the address bar. This error is detected even in a small page on the HyperText Transfer Protocols Secure from an insecure source. The information in the search address is as shown;

6.Name Mismatch Error

This type of SSL errors comes from a mismatch between the browser and the SSL certificate signed. For instance, when your website is registered with, and you place, this type of error will occur.

How to fix and enable The SSL Certificate Errors

To fix and enable the SSL errors discussed above, the following needs to be done;

1.Renewal of SSL certificate

The renewal process depends on the website’s user, but there are specific steps to be followed. i.e., getting a CSR, activating, and installing it. The renewal should be done after every 398 days or maybe once per year.

2.Solving the errors by changing the browser settings

When fixing the SSL certificate errors, online tools such as SSL Server Test or SSL Checker are used to determine the problem causing the SSL certificate error. They are employed through copying and pasting the address of the site on search engines.

3.Installation of intermediate SSL certificate on the website server

When an intermediate SSL certificate is installed, websites have the opportunity to validate their certificates from the authority. This helps in solving the SSL Revoked Error.

4.Provision of a new Certificate Signing Request (CRS)

A new certificate signing request can be provided on the server depending on the type of server used. This helps in fixing an SSL error known as the SSL Certificate Not Trusted Error.

5.Upgrade to a committed IP address

A name mismatch error mainly occurs on the IP address. When a website shares a particular IP address in a server, there may be a wrong entry of the hosts’ site address.This makes a browser display a bad site searching. In this case, a name mismatch error is detected.

Upgrading the IP address can help in fixing the name mismatch error as a type of SSL error.

6.Changing all the Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) to HyperText Transfer Protocols Secure (HTTPS)

The URLs should be changed to HTTPS. This is done atleast once per year. It helps in fixing the type of SSL error known as the mixed content error.


When a website has an SSL error, the visitors are likely to see the warning message. The message is displayed on the search bar or the browser engine. The notice explains that the page they are about to enter is insecure. This may erase or interfere with the browser or the system. Website owners should give the visitors an alert on the lack of encryption before it is too late. 

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