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earn money from blogging

Blogging is an excellent hobby that can help you get many followers, recognition, fame, and others. But do you know that it can also help you earn money? Yes, things have changed a lot in the past few years. Now, you can earn a lot of money by blogging along with continuing your hobby. Some full-time jobs are available for blogging, where bloggers are given money to write blogs on different topics.

Now, you do not want to lose that opportunity to earn money while investing both time and hard work. There are plenty of different ways available to earn money through blogging. It is a profitable profession and comes with a lot of opportunities. We will learn all the different methods to earn money by blogging but before that, let’s take a look at the earning potential from blogging.

Earning Potential From Blogging

Just like all the other professions, there are different earning potentials and stages that you can choose for blogging. You can earn from $1000 to $2 million per year from blogging based on your skills and other factors. Some of the most common things that can impact your earning potential include the niche you are picking, the time you are providing, the traffic of your blogs, digital marketing strategies that you implemented, and others.

Many other factors can contribute to your earning capabilities like consistency, personal goals, motivations, and network. In addition, you can take ideas from the other bloggers to learn more and increase your earning. Here are some of the best ways that you can use to earn money through blogging given below in detail.

●     Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

You might have heard the term Affiliate Marketing if you are familiar with the marketing strategies. It is one of the best ways to earn money by blogging. Compared to a click on an ad, it will help you earn a lot more with a single sale. This is a very common method most bloggers are using now to earn money. There are many popular marketplaces for Affiliate Marketing Programs that you can join, such as ShareASale, Amazon Affiliate Program, Awin, and others. Another excellent thing about this marketing strategy is it is usable in other blogging platforms such as Squarespace, Linkedin, Wix, etc. This is one of the best ways to earn money from blogging in 2021.

●     Ad Networks

If you are a beginner in blogging, then you can try ad networks to earn money. This is the most commonly used method to earn money through blogging. Among all the other ad networks, the most popular ones are and Google AdSense. First, you need to have a blog to get approved on these networks.

Based on your article topic, AdSense will show ads to others. It is the most used method by bloggers to monetize their blogs and recurring income. If your blogs have less than 300 views per day, then there are many other ad networks that you can use. However, it is better to aim for or AdSense approval.

●     Sell The eBooks

Sell The eBooks

If you do not want to get into all the marketing strategies, you can create your own eBooks and sell them to earn a lot of money. Although, there are plenty of things that can impact your eBooks being famous or not. You have to make sure that the publisher and the platform you are choosing to sell your eBook are renowned.

First, you need to pick a topic, create an eBook based on the subject. Then, net put it on sale on some of the most popular platforms like Amazon and others. You can earn a decent amount of money from this process if the eBook is up to mark.

However, some bloggers prefer to sell their own products and generate income. If you have any difficulty in the process, you can learn a lot from all the famous authors. Choose your topic very carefully as it can increase the outcome and attract the readers.

●     Services

You can offer different services based on the skills such as logo creation, content writing, SEO, and others. However, you need to make sure that you are good at the offer you are providing. Offering services do not only help you to earn money but also helps you to hone your skills. All you need to do is launch your own services by creating a page and list all the services you are offering. Slowly, you will get clients and increase the earning. Click here to learn the answer of “automated bidding is ideal for advertisers who:”


If blogging is your hobby, you can earn a lot of money from it in different ways. Here are some of the most popular methods given below that you can use to make a lot of money. You can go through all of them to learn all the details. All of them can help you to earn money and hone your skills.

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