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driving diesel car

Indian automobile sector shows a strong affinity towards diesel cars. While the world is shifting towards natural gas, there is still a considerable share of population in India that prefers driving diesel cars. With the current government policies, and innovation in the diesel engine that has considerably increased the engine efficiency, it seems that the diesel engine cars are still going to be a major entity on the Indian Automobile scene.

However, if you take care of a few things properly, you can easily keep the car costs (operational) within your budget. In the following discussion we are going to share a few expert tips to help you drive diesel cars economically. So, read on and start saving on your car expenses from today!

How Do You  Drive A Diesel Car Economically

1. Avoid Aggressive Driving

This is the golden rule of economical driving that is applicable to both – the petrol and diesel cars. One of the most common wrong notions about speeding on the road is the time saving. Most of the drivers think that speeding is the solution to reach at some venue early. When you drive the cars aggressively, the engine is stressed and burns more fuel. And, all of us know that more fuel translates to more expenses.

2. Know your Engine like a driver

In order to get the best value out of every single drop of fuel, you must understand your engine like a pro. By this statement, we don’t mean that you have to read a ton of technical books. In fact, you must acquaint yourself with the basic working principle of a diesel car engine. A diesel engine has a low top-rev limit and lowers down the rev range as it develops the power. Another important and fantastic characteristic of diesel engines is its torque. Torque is a kind of twisting force that drives motion in the engine. The more the torque, the higher is the speed of rotation. Hence, the diesel engines are already built with a strong and rapid rotation in mind. So, if you put that engine under unnecessary stress, you are only reducing its age.

3. How much torque for how much speed?

Now that you understand the importance of torque, you must also learn the art of using this knowledge to your benefit. You must stay in the right gear for which you get the highest values of the torque curve. By doing this, you are getting the highest possible rotation out of your engine, without stressing it or burning enormous amounts of fuel. So, keep the basic rules from your driving classes in your mind always. Choose the right gear for the right torque and the right speed – follow this principle and you will surely be getting a higher fuel average.

4. Turbo mode for the best engine performance.

In the beginning of our discussion, we pointed out how the innovative diesel engines are way better than the older one and promise economical usage. When we talk about this innovative aspect, the Turbo Mode is one of the best examples. When you are driving in the Turbo mode you are getting the most out of your engine in an economical manner. So, if you can learn the turbo-mode driving, you can figure out how to get better performance out of your engine in an economical manner.

5. Learn how to shift the gear the right way.

When we compare diesel and petrol engines, one of the most crucial parameters is the ‘revving’. While a petrol car can reach higher revs, a diesel engine will run out of its breath more quickly than a petrol engine. Hence, if you can shift the right gear at the right time you can master the art of managing your engine like a pro. However, if the gear shifts are done late, you will end up burning more fuel. Also, if you shift a gear too early you will end up lugging the engine. This level of mastery on a gear stick turns you into a seasoned driver that understands the engine and its functioning, the best.

6. More interruptions mean more fuel wastage.

For economical driving, you must drive through a route that offers the minimum number of interruptions. The more interruptions like traffic lights and stops etc you have, the more fuel you are going to burn. In fact, a longer distance route with fewer interruptions is still going to burn less fuel as compared to a short route with various stops and interruptions.

7. Control the electrical conveniences you use inside the car.

Every single thing that you use in your car, like AC, fans, screens, chargers and even the audio system consumes fuel. So, moderate their use as much as possible for saving the fuel consumption.

8. Using neutral for stopping instead of using engine brake.

Instead of using engine brakes again and again for stopping, you can opt for holding the clutch down or neutral. This is because when the engine is powered on again and again more fuel is burnt.

This completes our list of the best tips to drive a diesel car economically. While it is easy to read such tips and understand them, it takes discipline and time to incorporate them in your driving habits. You can begin with a few of the tips to economise your driving costs.

The last and the most important factor that governs the fuel consumption is the age of your car. So, if your car needs a change, you must approach some reputed dealers that sell second hand cars in Kerala. You can also opt for car replacement offers to make new car purchases easier on your budget.

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