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Working from home had already taken the world by storm before the pandemic as more and more people began realizing the benefits of remote, flexible work. However, since COVID-19 swept the world, even those who were unwilling to switch to remote working were forced to do so.

While it certainly has numerous benefits, working from home can be a challenge as separating work and “play” is difficult sometimes, especially if you don’t have a separate room for your office. Trying to focus on your tasks is hard when noises are coming from the living room, kitchen, or from the TV that your kids are watching two feet away from you. If you struggle with productivity levels, you’re certainly not alone.

This year has made us rethink how we organize our living room furniture to create a comfortable working space. It became apparent that certain changes had to be made to make working from home at these challenging times a bit easier. That is why many took to redecorating during the quarantine.

A clever, practical design can make a huge difference in your productivity. If you make some changes to your office space to make it more pleasant, you will also boost your productivity levels.

Here are several tips on how to design your home office for maximum productivity.

Separate Your Office Space from Your Living Space

The key to creating good office space is to make it more pleasant to be in. You’re likely to struggle with your motivation and focus if you hate your office corner or don’t even have one and instead, you’re trying to work on the living room sofa.

It is important to separate your office space from your living space, at least partially. If you don’t have a spare room that you could transform into an office, you’ll have to be creative and find other ways to separate your work corner. If you work in the same area where you watch TV, it will be hard for you to focus on your daily tasks when the TV is right there in front of you.

You’ll likely be tempted to take frequent breaks and will end up slacking off. The same is if you try to work in your bedroom on your cozy bed which instantly reminds you of sleeping.

Dedicate one corner of your home for your office space where you’ll sit and work from 9 to 5 or whatever hours you want, and leave when you finish, just like you were in a real office.

Get a Quality Office Desk

Get a Quality Office Desk

Comfortable and practical furniture is equally important if you want to boost your productivity. By this, we mean your office desk primarily. Just like we mentioned earlier, the key to boosting your productivity is to make your home office pleasant and comfortable.

When choosing your office furniture, more and more people opt for natural materials such as Amish furniture made of wood. A wooden office desk is not only always in style but is sturdy enough to last for decades. Wood also brings out some warm vibes giving your office a cozy appeal. It will also help you stay connected with nature and make your time spent in the office more pleasant.

Your office desk sets the tone for the entire room. This is why a desk should be the first piece of furniture you choose for your office. Whether you’re into traditional office desks or you prefer a more contemporary style, there is a variety of wooden desk types to choose from. You can also have a desk custom-made for you to fit your needs and preferences.

If you have a quality, comfortable desk, you’ll be more eager to sit down and finish your daily tasks. Hence, your productivity levels will spike.

Incorporate Natural Elements Into Your Office Space

Your home office design is more important than you might think. You’re likely spending at least 8 hours in your office space five days a week. That’s a lot of time on a weekly or monthly basis. Given that our home design can directly impact our mood, either positively or negatively, it is essential that you design your home office in such a way that spending time there isn’t painfully boring and stressful.

Natural, organic materials are becoming more and more popular this year as we miss being outdoors and in nature. Just like spending time in bleak, poorly designed spaces can make us feel anxious and depressed, being in a room with plenty of light and plants can instantly make us feel happier.

Therefore, incorporate at least some natural elements in your office space such as houseplants, fresh flowers, rattan lamps, or other decorative details made from natural materials. Natural elements remind us of the outdoor and can make us feel calmer. Needless to say, this directly impacts our productivity.

Besides, being indoors 24 hours a day can make our homes stuffy and plants produce oxygen so you’ll have clean air while you work.

Don’t Forget Ergonomics

Don’t Forget Ergonomics

Just as important or even more important than a quality desk is a quality chair for your office. Think about it. You spend hours and hours every day in that chair. If it’s uncomfortable, you end up with severe back pain.

Invest in a quality chair to maximize your comfort level and thus your productivity as well. This way, you will certainly feel less drained and tired at the end of your workday and your body will thank you for that.

Lighting Matters

If your home office doesn’t get natural light, you may squint and experience eye strain which is not pleasant at all. It makes working much more difficult as you struggle to focus on the screen. Not to mention that glare can seriously affect your eyes and your productivity levels.

Before you place your office desk and your chair in your home office, consider the lighting and think about how best to position the office furniture to avoid glare.

Natural light is best but for the evening hours, pay attention to the type of light bulbs you purchase. Choose light bulbs that produce fewer UV rays while avoiding bright white lights as they can damage your eyes.

LED bulbs are known to be very energy-efficient so it is a good idea to invest in those too.

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