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buying bike helmet

Wearing a helmet while riding a bike is very mandatory as it acts as a safety tool while riding. Many countries have made helmets mandatory. A penalty is imposed on people who do not wear helmets.

There are various helpful bike helmets available in the market. You can choose from the different types of helmets and decide what to buy based on your requirement. Choosing the one which is suitable for you and your needs is especially important. This article acts as buying to those who wish to buy helmets for their safety purpose.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying A Bike Helmet:

The following factors must be considered before choosing helpful bike helmets. They are:

1. Choose Based on the Need:

There is a variety of helmets, but a helpful bike helmet is the one that matches your need. The types of helmet are:

  • Hybrid Helmet: This type of helmets is made of sturdy materials, so they can be placed in the basket or handlebars. They also have a VIOO clip, which is a small light provision that shows the road to the riders.
  • Road Bikes Helmet: This is very lightweight with perfect fitting and best balance. They are well-ventilated also.
  • Kids Helmet: This type of helmet will be suitable for kids up to 9 years of age. For kids above ten years old, an adult helmet can be chosen. There will be an adjustable wheel at the back of the helmet, so the helmet size can be adjusted as per the head size.
  • Mountains Bike Helmet: The mountain helmets cover the entire head with some additional requirements to provide additional safety features.

2. Comfortable Fitting Bike Helmet:

The comfort of wearing is a key factor when it comes to helpful bike helmets. You should pick the right size. Else, the helmet might crash when an accident occurs, which is very risky. To buy a perfectly fitting bike helmet, measure the circumference of your head, and choose based on that size.

The following are the measurement of the helmet. They are:

  • The extra small helmet will be below 20.”
  • The small helmet will range from 20″-21.75.”
  • The medium helmet will range from 21.7″ -23.25.”
  • The large helmet will range from 23.25″ to 24.75.”
  • The extra-large helmet will range above 24.75.”

Adjusting the wheel at the back of the helmet, the helmet sizing can be fitted. You can also adjust the helmet fitting by adjusting the dividers on the neck strap.

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3. Protection of the Helmet:

The best helpful bike helmets must offer perfect security for the head portion of the rider when met with an accident. The helmets should be designed with a protection part, which consists of the following:

  • The Plastic Shell of the Helmet: This shell will act as a crash-resistant and protects the head and neck part when sudden falls or accidents occur.
  • The Liner of the Helmet: The liner of the helmet is made up of polystyrene foam, which offers the perfect protection for your head.

Recently most of the advanced bike helmets come with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) feature, which offers lower friction and makes the bike liner slide down during sudden falls and accidents.

4. Select a Certified Helmet:

Always choose a bike helmet that is standardized by any acceptable standards. In the USA, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) certifies the bike helmets intended for snowboarding, skateboarding, bicycling, and lots more. The consumers can buy these certified helmets without fear as they offer minimum level safety, and they come at an affordable cost also.


With the help of the above-mentioned information, you can buy a helpful bike helmet that offers maximum safety and fits as per the head size.

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