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engagement ring

Are you in search of an engagement ring? It is the hardest task existing in this world when selecting a diamond engagement, to be precise. Many of the online sellers provide you with the option of building your ring. And part of this entails choosing the diamond engagement ring among other gemstones existing. While money may not be a difficulty for you, this is a whole issue. It is because you need to choose the right metal and many factors surrounding it to be legible. 

And just like many people, you may not want to have a long cut that has a big hole in your pocket while selecting a diamond ring for your engagement. It is essential to go for a ring that will not diminish the pressure and will ensure your loved one gets a gorgeous ring that she loves.

Quality needs to first come into your mind choosing the best diamond engagement ring at Boston jewelers. Anyone will need a quality top-notch diamond engagement ring though it comes with high pricing. We will help you to choose the best top-quality diamond for your engagement ring at the best price without having to sacrifice the quality of your diamond in this guide.

Decide the budget

It is the essential factor in the back of your mind when buying an engagement ring. It is crucial as it makes sure you remain within a reasonable cost range. While pricing varies and may go above your budget, it is considered an option that will work for you. Many online sellers make it easy for buyers by staying within their budget. They do this by ensuring they check out the 4Cs combinations.


The shape of the diamond that you want is another essential factor to consider. It is essential to know that the shape of the diamond has varying cuts. The cut in this place refers to both the facets and angles of a diamond stone and the methods that evaluate it. The most popular and can be found with ease include the round, princess, and cushion cuts. However, there are many more types of shapes from which you can choose. Different shapes come with different pricing because it may take much time and effort to cut a particular shape.


As a buyer, you need to decide the diamond’s carat weight that you want to buy. Weight is another factor that determines the pricing of the diamond gemstone. The heavier will be the diamond carat weight, the higher the price will be. It is because it is hard finding a bigger diamond gemstone. The carat weight that you may need for your diamond engagement ring will be determined solely by the budget you have set for your engagement ring.

From this point, it is clear you have decided on the budget, shape, and carat weight. These are the key determinants when selecting the diamond ring for your engagement. It is from then on easy to begin doing our search for it. Start with a high-quality diamond. That means you will need grade D color and IF grade clarity, which is internally flawless or just flawless grade. The different sellers have got varying terms that best describe the best cut. For instance, clue Nile is a signature, true heart, or you can consider the super ideal one. But if you have your budget set much higher, you will need many more options to choose from. In general, though there is a search for high-quality diamonds for the low-budget target, you will only get a similar result. It needs you to begin making proper adjustments in the world of your search criteria. These are other things that will lead you to better results.


This is the first aspect when looking for a diamond within your set budget. You can lower your clarity grade before you get used to other factors and fit your set budget. It happens because the VS2 diamonds are eye-clean in many instances, and you will see no imperfections.

Adjust quality

Just like in the thumb rule, you can decrease the color quality to fit other factors. It is essential to set colorless diamonds either in white gold or platinum or, better still, detect the difference in color grade. It will be very helpful when making the diamond engagement ring selection in this factor aspect. You can always limit the color depending on what is pleasing for you if you are on a tight budget.


As mentioned earlier, this is an aspect that determines the brilliance of your diamond. It should be the last factor to consider.

At this point, your diamond ring search must be offering you some great options. Are you still unlucky, and finding what you need needs much more adjustments? Here are more recommendable options or rather steps to follow.

  • A diamond with 1 to 2 carats may drop down to clarity of SL1 and can hardly detect this imperfection. For the below 1 carat diamond, clarity is a vital factor as it can drop to SL2.
  • The diamond that is below 1 carat can go low in terms of grade, and that way, they will appear colorless, which has mounted to white gold or platinum ring. Consider setting a diamond ring on yellow gold to have a drop of color in such a situation.
  • The round and princess shape are the most brilliant types of gold due to their many facets. It happens that they brilliantly reflect light as they are good at hiding the yellow diamond tins. That means you can easily reach these shapes’ targets by dropping the color grading much farther than usual.
  • If the carat weight is your main concern, then consider adjusting the shape that makes an illusion look larger than shapes that will appear smaller at the same weight.
  • Some shapes are much cheaper than others. Ensure to go for the shapes that best fit your budget. For instance, the princess cut is cheap as it gives a chance to yield a rough diamond. You do not have to compromise the brilliance and beauty of your ring.


Following all the tips addressed in this article, we are hopeful you will come up with various diamonds to choose from within your set range in terms of budget. However, it may seem time-consuming, stressful, and ensure to make a well-calculated decision and change combinations of the 4cs. It will help you in shaving off the huge amount of the stone pricing and pick the ideal diamond for your engagement that you will love.

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