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Influencer Marketing – An Introduction

Over recent years a marketing strategy has emerged as one of the most popular strategies. This new and popular strategy is that of the influencer marketing strategy. Now the foundation for this type of strategy lies in the traditional brand endorsements and promotions that are done by conventional celebrities. However, with the success of social media and its platforms individuals have been turned into celebrities. These individuals have a lot of influence and power over their followers which basically drives this strategy. Influencer marketing has become increasingly popular among companies because of the advantage it has over the visual elements of marketing and advertisements.

What are Brand Visibility and Its Importance?  

To simple put, brand visibility or brand awareness is the process of making a brand known to the public. It is the process of increasing brand knowledge among the public. This is the process of making the brand more visible to the public. People can be aware of this brand. 

Achieving the right brand visibility is very important for any company. A company has to reach an audience to be able to sell anything. In order to sell a product, a brand has to be known first. People have to be aware of a company’s brand and the value of its brand in order to trust it and buy its products. The more a company’s brand is visible the more it becomes common among people. The brand’s awareness and visibility become the driving factor to gain loyal customers. In this article, we will analyze the link between influencer marketing and brand visibility and how the former can enhance the latter by one of the largest influencer marketing agencies –


How can Influencer Marketing Improve Brand Visibility?

There are many ways brands can leverage influencers and use them to create and enhance brand visibility and brand awareness. Influencer marketing is a strategy where the primary point is visibility and awareness. 

When influencers endorse or promote a product it is the visual aesthetic that is first promoted. This is why influencer marketing is key to enhancing a brand’s visibility. Influencer marketing has helped brands transition from startups to big named brands. 

A very good example of this is the brand Plum which primarily does influencer marketing and social media campaigns. Let’s analyze some of the ways in which this kind of visibility is gained by brands through influencer marketing. 

Exposition to a New Audience

Brands can be introduced to a new set of audiences through influencer marketing. On the brand’s own social media platform it will only be exposed to already acquired customers but with collaborations with influencers, these brands can be exposed to new people i.e followers of the influencers. 

Improves Trust

The loyalty and trust that influencers enjoy of their fans and followers are any brands would want. When these types of influencers endorse a certain product the brand also enjoys trust and loyalty. Since the fans trust the influencer their trust also flows to the brand that the influencer is endorsing. Olapic did a research which had a suggestion that 76% of people using the internet trust brands that are suggested or used by ‘normal’ people  (normal being the influencers rather than traditional celebrities). 

Social Media Platform Serve as Catalogs

Whether we like it or not but the social media platforms and paid posts of influencers serve as visual catalogs for products.

It is much easier to look at a product and make a buying decision rather than reading about it or hearing about it. As visual creatures, social media advertisements serve as default and free catalogs for products and brands creating visibility and awareness.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing: The New Age Selling Space

Social media plays a huge role in today’s world when it comes to purchasing decisions. People rely majorly on social media and influencers while making decisions to buy products. Research states that 86% seek social media before making any decisions about their purchase. The research was conducted by The Digital Marketing Institute. Following this, it becomes detrimental for brands to develop a social media presence and that is achieved with the right influencer marketing.

Content Creation

Influencers can often be used to draw engagement with the help of content creations. Partnership with influencers keeps a steady and consistent flow of content. These contents often draw in the audience and create quite an engagement which in turn allows the brand to acquire loyally and trusted customers who are invested in their products. 

One such example of success is Budweiser India. The brand partnered up with many well-known comedians and recreated the famous ‘Wassup’ ad of 1999. This was done during the lockdown and the focus was on social distance. This created a huge amount of engagement on social media. 

Keeping these points in mind then it would not be an exaggeration to say that influencer marketing is necessary to increase a brand’s visibility. 

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