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edit comment on instagram

Having a phone with Wi-fi connected is such a great blessing, you can talk to people all around the world, view the posts of famous people, and write your opinion. If you love doing conversations on current and trending topics, you can speak of your mind on social media and share your thoughts with people.  Fortunately, all social media networks allow their users to post a comment and share their ideas. This is interesting, you enjoy freedom of speech and get to know more people who have the same ideology as yours. It paves a way for you to meet like-minded people as well that seem to have the same interest and hobbies as you keep.

Whenever you write a comment on Facebook, it is posted on the page, and if at any point you feel like you want to add more to your comment, you can do it by editing it. For instance, if you have written anything to someone which has positive meanings, you may not find it offensive. However, your words are sometimes taken differently, people drive meanings of their choice from your statement, if this happens you can amend the text so nobody feels offended by it. Editing the comment is quite easier on Facebook than it is on Instagram.

Whenever you post a comment on Instagram, it simply goes live. There might be different reasons why you are writing a comment in the first place, like it may be to show your appreciations for the media content your friends or famous celebrities have posted or it is just that you are contributing to a serious ongoing discussion and adding your point of view to clarify a few points here and there. Whatever the reason might be, at the end, exchanging contextual comments usually means exchanging ideas on a particular topic and idea. A small spelling mistake could be a big one if the meanings of your text are interpreted, therefore, it is important for you to write carefully when you type a comment on Instagram. It is not that easy to edit a comment on Instagram.

If you have posted a comment with a serious grammar mistake or spelling error, you may not that big of a grammar nazi but some internet users are, so you can edit a comment on Instagram.

You cannot edit a comment on Instagram, but you can delete it and repost it.  Deleting and rewriting a comment on Instagram is easy, the method is different for mobile users and laptop users. Keep reading how to delete a comment and write afresh on a photo, video, or discussion box.

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Delete a comment on Instagram on Phone

  • Open your Instagram application on your mobile phone or android phone whatever you are using.
  • Now look for the comment that you particularly want to edit and rewrite. Once you find it, simply, swipe on it and hold on a comment for a while.
  • Upon pressing on the comment you will see two options, one is “reshare ” and another is “trash bin”. The trash bin is the option that you need to use, it may have blue or red background depending on the mobile phone you use it on.
  • Press the trash bin for a second, a pop-up banner in red color will ask for the confirmation if you want to delete the comment. Press yes. The comment will be gone, now you can type a new comment and post it again. If you never intend to delete the old comment, you can do it too, simply do not use the dust bin option and the comment will not be deleted.

How to edit and delete a comment on Laptop?

If you are using Instagram on your laptop or computer system, the method of editing and deleting a comment will be quite different. Follow these steps:

  • First off, sign into Instagram from your computer and laptop.
  • Now find out the comment that you wish to edit or delete.
  • Hover on the comment and press it, three dots will appear on the right side.
  • Three dots will show you options like “report”, “cancel”, “delete’. You need to press the delete option.
  • Simply remove the old comment and write a new one in its place.

Posting a new comment is simple, write down the message or thought or idea in the text box, and post it. Unfortunately, at present, there is no feature on Instagram that allows the users to edit the comment like it is on Facebook or any other social media networks. Deleting the comment and writing a new one is the only best option the users can utilize for rectifying their contextual mistakes and spellings. Besides, it only takes a few seconds to do it. 

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