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traveling after covid 19

Even though not everyone likes it, the current COVID-19 situation has brought a lot of changes to everyday life. The way we interact with people and traveling are two of the most-impacted activities during the pandemic. And even though there are no clear signs about when things will go back to “normal,” we must remain positive and think about traveling after lockdown and the way this will happen. Millions of people around the world make money while traveling. Thus, this subject implies an economic aspect, even a survival aspect, for families left without a significant portion of their income due to travel restrictions around the world. Therefore, you should know some things so that after the pandemic you have the opportunity to win money during business trips.

The Most Probable Status Quo for Traveling After the Pandemic

Without trying to produce any kind of estimations of when exactly will this happen, we’ve taken a close look at some of the possible outcomes for traveling after a pandemic. And while not all the things we’re going to list below are seen as negatives by some people, one thing is sure – traveling will differ from what it used to be. So, let’s check out a few scenarios of how traveling after COVID will look like.

Expect Fewer People and Experiences in Usual Hotspots

Several places around the world are known to be tourist magnets. The Colosseum, the Pyramids, Disneyland, or the leaning tower of Pisa are just a few of them. If you visited any of these before the pandemic, you would probably know how packed these places were. Well, you may find that traveling after quarantine to any of these destinations will feel a lot different. For starters, the managers of these establishments will have to factor in the safety measures, so the numbers will be drastically cut down. Another possible effect could be the people’s weariness in going to overcrowded places, so you could be enjoying iconic destinations a lot more without having to navigate a huge crowd. With limited capacity and possibly a clear schedule for visitation, some of the sights you always wanted to see may become a lot more attractive in the new reality.

You’ll Probably Need More Than a Passport

Many people are trying to figure out what to do after traveling during COVID. However, those who have gone through such an experience know that the main thing changed is the ease of mobility. If, before the pandemic, you just needed a passport and you were good to go in most places, most countries will require a negative COVID test or even several at different time intervals before they let you in. Especially if you’re coming from a country that has lots of new cases, you may need some sort of certificate of immunity to get through. This could also affect traveling in a way that will make it a matter of purpose. Many companies have already reduced the number of employees who have to travel for work, and vacations abroad are a thing of the past for many families.

It Could Get More Expensive

If you were used to finding plane tickets at bargain prices, you shouldn’t hold on to that thought for a very long time. While airlines continued to operate during the pandemic, most of them did so with very low numbers of passengers. Furthermore, many airlines faced economic difficulties during these times and, even though it’s not exactly fair, they’ll need to recover when traveling after lockdown resumes. This means that plane tickets will, most likely, be more expensive and influence the desire to travel as well. If traveling after lockdown quotas are significantly higher, some people won’t be able to afford it anymore, and it could lead to an increase in car travels.

Packing for a Trip Can Also Change

If you’ve read the above paragraphs and already considering what to do after travel, COVID may still have some surprises for you in terms of traveling. What you put in your luggage will also change as it’s already happening in some examples. You’ve probably already seen TikTok videos of people packing lots of wet wipes and sanitizing hand gel. If these things were only recommended before, now it’s doubtful that anyone traveling abroad will leave home without them. It can mean getting extra luggage or having to leave a couple of other things at home.

Air Travel Insurance

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling after having COVID and recovered, or you’ve always tested negative — the insurance policies will probably change as well. It was an implausible scenario that the outbreak of a pandemic would affect your holiday, so insurances didn’t cover that. Well, it’s now up to the airlines or insurance companies to adapt and accommodate the new “normal.” Also, related to insurance, there is a little chance that more passengers will opt for travel insurance even if they didn’t do so in the past. Like it or not, traveling will still remain quite a risky activity for quite some time now.

A Common Cold Won’t Make You Too Attractive to Society

This doesn’t include the situation in which you are traveling after positive COVID test. If you’re forced to do so, check with the authorities and medics in your country to make sure you do so in perfect safety conditions and are not risking anything. The case we’re describing here relates to that unwanted situation when you don’t bring the right clothes and catch a common cold on vacation. With so much awareness everywhere about COVID symptoms, you will likely get a lot of stares. Furthermore, some businesses may choose to refuse service if you’re displaying a running nose, teary eyes, and other symptoms that look anything like the virus.


There’s no denying that traveling after 2020 will definitely become a different experience. However, not all aspects are as negative as we may perceive them, and some could change in a positive way. Humanity has a way of recovering after such things, and keeping an open mind and a positive attitude will mean a lot. What do you think are going to be the main changes in traveling after the pandemic is over? Feel free to share your views in the comments section, so we all can discuss and find more reasons to stay safe and sound.

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