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home outdoor living space

Outdoor living spaces of homes have a unique quality; of not being constricting. Perking up your home interior design or the outdoor living space of a home, to make it attractive, need not be a challenge. Just be sure of what you want, before you set out to give the space a makeover. You may want to consider certain factors, such as the size of the area and how you would like to use it. Begin designing the space based on these considerations.

The key elements to keep in mind would be –

  • Functionality
  • Privacy
  • Comfort
  • Lighting
  • Aesthetic appeal

Make the outdoor space an extension of your home. However, that does not require that the same decor theme or colour palette, etc., are followed. What it essentially implies is that the open space maintains a distinct personality, yet offers the same warm vibes as the rest of your home.

Selection of furniture

An outdoor space is appropriate for multiple activities; it can be a place to enjoy your mornings, a spot to unwind after the end of a busy day or a venue for gatherings and parties. Choose the furniture wisely, a small space would do well with smaller-scale multi-purpose furniture, while bigger pieces would suit a larger area.

Select pieces that blend with the landscaping – cast iron, cane, wicker and wooden pieces bring in that extra charm. Add colourful cushions and throws to brighten up the seating area. Keep it practical yet cosy.


Lighting, when used correctly, can be an excellent enhancer of both ambience and the mood. Use incandescent bulbs, in the outdoors; their soft, yellow glow generates a natural warmth that cannot be duplicated with white fluorescent light bulbs.

Strategic placement of lights can dramatically change the look of open space. Lights can brighten up dull corners and enhance the overall look of the place. Use of different types of lights, at varying levels, just ups the aesthetic quotient. Have ground lights fitted along the pathways, bollard lights near foliage plants and string lights and lanterns for that element of drama. The plan should be to make the outdoor space look inviting.

Plants and trees

Landscaping is an integral part of any outdoor space. It has to be well planned, so it looks attractive, at all times of the day, as well as being easy to maintain all year round. Tall shrubs and trees are best planted along the periphery, for they add a level of privacy. Trees with huge canopies are best suited if you enjoy spending daytime hours outdoors.

Choose perennial flowering plants and shrubs, as they will stay with you for years. Grow foliage plants, with colourful leaves bunched together. Plants automatically spruce up the dullest of spots and bring a freshness to it.

Water Features

An outdoor living space should be appealing at all times; so add elements that look attractive in both natural and artificial light. Water fixtures seem to have just that effect in a garden; they add tranquillity. There are several options from which you can choose –

  • Birdbath: A birdbath may not seem like much; but it will attract birds, and that can spruce up your outdoor space, like nothing else. The cheerful chirps, in a concrete jungle, will be the best music you will hear.
  • Fountain: A fountain in the corner of the garden is aesthetically appealing, at all times, and the sound of water splashing, music to the ears. Fountains come in a range of styles, from plain and elegant to showy pieces of art. This water fixture automatically accentuates the appeal of a property.
  • Waterfall: Boulders and pebbles combined with water can add interest to any outdoor space. Artificial waterfalls have been a popular feature in celebrated gardens. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also sound beautiful and pleasant. The gurgling sound of water spilling over rocks proffers a feeling of cloistered calm. The soft, mellow sound naturally screens jarring, ambient sounds.
  • Pond: Nothing livens up outdoor living space and provides interest quite like a miniature pond. A small water body, set amongst lush greenery can add a diverse ecosystem, that attracts birds and pollinators, as well as a relaxing ambience to an outdoor living space. Grow water plants in the pond, such as water lilies, water cabbage, umbrella palm, lotus and pennyworts. Add some brightly coloured fish to it, and you create an illusion of depth.

Entertainment Corner

If you are someone who often entertains, then creating a grill/barbeque area and/or bar counter is worth consideration. And of course, plenty of seating around it, for your guests.

Aesthetic Appeal

If space is not an issue, then it is a practical idea to construct a gazebo. It is functional and attractive; you will have a nice little, sheltered space in your garden, which adds beauty to your outdoor space and value to your property.

Work on your home outdoor living space, the way you would the interiors. Add your own special touches. Get in touch with a professional, home  interior designer in Kochi, to help transform your outdoor space into your special haven. They will guide you and help with the implementation of your plans.

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