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decorating home office ideas

6 incredible ideas to decorate your home office. We will see different desks, types of lighting, the arrangement of items on the table, and types of chairs to complete the workplace at home. We are going to see different styles to decorate the home office and which are the most aesthetic and comfortable.

Types of desks to decorate your home office

It is very important to know how to choose a good, beautiful desk that suits us depending on the work we are going to develop. Therefore, below, you will find segmentation based on the needs you may have.

Straight table desk

It is usually the most common and easy to coordinate in any room in the house. For everything to be in harmony, we should take into account the color of the board, so as not to choose a color that does not fit the walls of the room. Here we show you some combinations of straight desks with different colors, combining or contrasting with the paint on the wall of the room.

Shaped table desk

Another option is to give it a touch of modernity and take advantage of the spaces. For example, if we want to place the desk in a corner and take advantage of it, we can place a corner desk, taking advantage of more useful table space. We can also place a curved table to have a desk area with a computer and another area of the table reserved for customer service.

Desk with table and drawers

If we use office supplies, such as sheets, pens, and other items, we can organize them in drawers under the desk. In stores such as Ikea or Leroy Merlin, we will find all types and sizes, with different finishes depending on the style we want to give the set.

Table desk and shelves

We can find many sets of tables with integrated shelves. Thus we will have our work desk with all the material organized and at hand. Many of these sets can be found quickly online and if we have clear measurements, it can be a very good option to buy them online. We show you some examples:

Large deck for multiple computer screens

Today we work with more powerful computers, capable of integrating several screens. With a large desk, we could build a computer set with multiple screens, which would allow us to be more productive. Here are some examples:

Lift-up desk

Working long hours in front of the computer sitting down is not highly recommended for our health. Therefore, there are elevating desk tables, either manual or automatic, allowing us to adjust the height of the desk in various positions, depending on whether we want to work sitting on a chair or standing. With this type of table, we can get up, activate our body, and continue working standing up.

Ideal lighting for a home office

Knowing how to choose the lighting of the office well is very important since we will create different sensations depending on the color temperature of the lighting that we choose. Below we propose several forms of lighting to decorate your office in an appropriate way that promotes creativity and productivity.

Led lamps for reading and studying

A classic option would be to opt for a modern style flexo with a Led bulb. Being Led technology, we will prevent the lamp from heating up and we will save on energy consumption. We can choose several shades of color temperature, but the best thing to do would be to choose a bulb that simulates daylight, not too white or too yellow.

Led desk lighting

Another option is to put a Led lighting strip behind the computer screen, thus creating an environment and an indirect point of light that together with ambient light can be enough to work during the day.

Led ceiling lamps

The most expensive option would be to illuminate the room completely with Led lights. It is a trend to install squares or rectangles of Led light at various points on the ceiling of the room to illuminate the office in a homogeneous way and thus avoid shadows or areas with poor lighting.

How to choose the color of wall paint to decorate my office?

Clear paints to give more light to your office

Without a doubt, it is a very good option to paint the walls with light tones, so that the light bounces throughout the room and we have a perfectly lit space to work correctly.

Dark paints to decorate your office

If what we are looking for is a work environment with design details, we can paint a wall in a dark color, to give it that distinguished decorative touch.

Special paints or decorative papers to decorate your office

Another way to decorate the office, would be to choose a wall, the largest, and decorate it with some decorative paper or choose paint of the same tone as the rest but with a special finish. These finishes can be small gloss, stucco effect, or textured paint with reliefs

Computer screens to work in your office

If we work with a computer throughout the day it is very important to choose the correct screen to meet our needs. To know how to decorate the office correctly it is very important to choose an aesthetic computer screen since not all screens are the same.

Unique screens

This option is the simplest and the one that works best if we have a small desk. This way we will have little wiring and it will be very easy to leave everything hidden and clear. We can add some functional elements to the desk, such as reading lamps, a holder for wireless headphones, a charger for the mobile phone or a small plant. Here are some very well decorated examples

Curved screens

The curved screens for computers are cheaper every time, so it is a very good option to consider. The design of these screens is enveloping and gives a distinguished touch to the office, providing technology and modernity

Two or more screens

If our work requires a combination of several programs or platforms, such as a window with google, another with email, and another with a text editing program, it would be very convenient and productive to have several screens together. In this way, we could work in a more efficient way since we would have an overview of everything we need to develop our work. If the set of screens is chosen well, it can mean a plus point to decorate the office. Here are some examples:

Cable management to decorate your office

When we have everything assembled it is time to hide the cables as much as possible, to have a clean and orderly environment. We recommend several elements so that the cables are not in the middle and each one in a place.

Power strips with several outputs

It is best to buy a power strip with several outlets, to have all the electronic devices and lights in one place. If possible, it is advisable to purchase one with protection against electrical shorts, so we will protect our electronic devices. There are also power strips with a battery so that in the event of running out of power due to a blackout or electrical failure, we could continue working with our electronic devices for one or two more hours, without the need for electricity, so we could save the progress at work and not lose files due to power outage.

Plastic tubes to organize cables

Computer network cables, internet cable, mobile charger cable, screen cable, HDMI … All these cables are usually in all offices, to organize them well there are plastic covers that serve as a guide for all cables. They are a very good option to put all the cables through the same tube, so we would have everything organized and clearer.

Cable guides for under desk

Another way to hide cables is under the table. To do this in a simple way, we can buy some guides with a sticker for cables. These guides stick very easily and we can design the circuit through which the cables will be guided to our liking or need.

Wireless chargers and stands

To give a decorative touch to the office we can include some modern and comfortable elements such as a wireless mobile charger and mounts for mouse, keyboard, and headphones.

Wireless chargers for mobiles

These chargers work with state-of-the-art mobiles that support battery charging by electrical induction. If this is your case and you have one of these phones, we recommend using a wireless charger. It is very comfortable and simply by placing the mobile on the charger, the battery will begin to recharge

Wireless chargers for computer mouse

If you have a mouse with a battery that supports wireless charging, you can also purchase a wireless charger to recharge it. When you run out of battery in the mouse or when you finish working, you place it on the charger, so the next day you will have the mouse recharged and ready to be used.

Music headphone holder

Many people work more efficiently with some music. If you have headphones, you can also buy a modern stand to support them when you’re not using them. Here are some examples of modern headphone stands that also serve as decoration for the office desk.

Laptop stand

If you work with a laptop, there are supports with ventilation and speakers to place the computer and raise it a bit. These are workstations that cool the computer and also include a sound system. It is a good option to work more comfortably and taking up very little space in your office

And here are the practical tips so you can decorate your office with some style.

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