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holiday in norway

1. Travel of the Train

Norway has some of the most picturesque tracks in the country. A train ride is one of Norway’s best ways to experience beautiful scenery, laid back towns, and lush green hills and valleys. The train is a perfect way to explore the countryside. Having almost 200 thousand track miles and comfortable train services, the train network is highly established. One can enjoy the Flam train ride from Flam to Myrdal for one hour. This is an extremely beautiful train experience that you’ll enjoy for a long time. The train is only 20 kilometers long but with incredible views. You actually take your breath away from the breathtaking view of the train.

2. Ride the ferry

Norway has stunning coastal cities and picturesque ferry routes. Another great way to explore our country is by cruise or ferry in this breathtaking and beautiful country. One of the easiest ways of discovering the magnificent fjords of Norway is also by ferry. There are unbelievable fjords across Norway which are only beautiful and enchanting for your ferry trips. One of the fun things to do in Norway is taking a ferry trip.

3. Cathedral Tour of the Arctic

One of Norway’s highest attractions is Arctic Cathedral. The cathedral’s beauty is renowned for its amazing and unique architecture. The cathedral is structured as though it were made of ice – in winter, it looks just like an amazing building, wrapped in snow blankets all around it. One of the best things in Norway to do in the winter is to visit the cathedral.

4. The Lights of the North

You need to witness Aurora at the top of your list if you want such special activities to be done in Norway. Known for the amazing Northern Lights, in the months of November to March Norway is visited by quite a few people which gives you a maximum chance of seeing the Northern Lights. So if in Norway in December you’re looking for something to do, then the North Lights should be at the top of your list!

5. Land Trip to the Atlantic Ocean

It is quite a sparkling Atlantic Ocean route and one such road around the globe. This path has a view of stunning scenery and a fascinating view of the Atlantic Ocean coast. The path includes lovely backdrop villages, fishing, delightful old churches, and interesting sights. Add therefore this road trip to your list as it’s certainly one of Norway’s best activities.

6. Skier

The Lyngen Alps is an exquisite mountainside that is almost the entire year wrapped in a snow blanket. This mountain range, situated in the Arctic Circle, is renowned for its adventure lovers. The area is littered with natural and breathtaking beauty. The waterways, the wondrous rivers, fjords, and mountain tops are fabulous. This is a spot of enthusiasm for skiers.

7. Walks

Pulpit Rock is an unbelievable trail and it’s not easy. This is one of Norway’s most spectacular natural sights. It takes approximately 2 hours to climb the hill. From the top perspectives, the Fjord view is absolutely amazing. The overall hike is about 8 km long situated in the Scandinavian mountains of Norway. However, it’s not so prepared for beginners.

8. Tour of the Munch Museum

This amazing museum is named after Edvard Munch, a famous artist. There are some 1200 paintings in this beautiful place. The museum has an exquisite art collection, including some famous paintings and drawings, beautiful stone sculptures, antique stone, and sculptures. This is a must to visit if you are an art buff.

9. Castle Tour of Akershus

In the later years of the 13th century, this magnificent castle was built. This fabulous building is packed with marvels. A wonderfully large number of antiques and objects are available in the ethereal castle. Located at the heart of Oslo, this amazing fortress reflects the best of Norway’s military architecture and is an incredible structure. There are lovely shops and museums in the castle where people spend a good time.

10. Fjord of Geiranger

The Geirangerfjord area in the Norway Fjord network is beautifully majestic and heavenly. The site is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites because of its stunning natural beauty. The view of the gorgeous mountain region filled with snow, the valley, the wonderful body of the water, and the incredible green landscape, great this picture of the location. One of the best things to do in Norway is to tour this website.

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