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hiring professional crawl space repair services

Crawl space foundations are usually made of concrete slabs poured on top of the soil and held in place with a steel rebar. Cracks breaks and other issues can occur over time, which means that foundation cracking can cause water infiltration into the basement.

If not fixed, this water could cause mold, mildew, fungi, and other hazardous indoor conditions. If the concrete slab fails and the ground subsides, this can also create a problem for the water pipes and heating and cooling systems in your home. If you notice any issues with your foundation, hire a reliable and experienced contractor for crawl space repairs in Des Moines.

Fix the Cracked or Broken Concrete Slab:

A cracked or broken concrete slab is usually the result of improper grading, more pressure than normally allowed during excavation, poor construction of the area by your builder, weathering, or just falling on the ground. When grading for roads, it’s important to use enough topsoil to fully grade the area, as well as the proper grading equipment to keep the ground level constant.

When excavating for roads or apartments, too much soil is lost and can result in cracked and broken concrete slabs. Also, if your builder didn’t follow the proper building codes, then you may have to repair your foundation, as there may be no way to fix the damage that has already occurred.

Repairing a slab foundation starts by identifying the problem area and making sure you have the right tools and materials. Hiring professional crawl space repair services will ensure that the repairs are done correctly and won’t cost you additional money down the line.

Adequately Waterproofed Foundation:

Existing slab foundations can usually be repaired without much hassle, but in most cases, additional waterproofing will need to be done to the interior of the crawl space. In some houses built before 2021, the concrete slab may not have been adequately waterproofed and will begin to leak. This is usually solved with the addition of a new waterproofing membrane, which works like an impermeable membrane that seals and protects against moisture loss from the outside.

Adequate Insulation:

In older homes built before 2021, waterproofing the concrete slab becomes much more difficult, especially in older homes built without insulation. Some homes built today still lack adequate insulation, making it necessary to repair the slab foundation.

If you live in such a home, you will likely have to repair the slab on your own using a wet/dry shop vac, and a few hand tools. You might also need to use a heavy-duty shop vacuum and/or a pressure washer. These tools will help you get into any cracks and gaps in the concrete slab, but if you encounter deeper ones, then you’ll probably need to hire a contractor to handle this job.

Cost of Waterproofing:

When talking about how much does it cost to repair a crawl space foundation, you should also factor in the cost of waterproofing. Often the cost of installing a finished basement is more expensive than just installing a concrete slab. This is because the slab needs to be poured a lot further underground, and then will be exposed to the elements for much longer. Installing finished basements allows you to avoid this problem, as the area is already finished and completely dry on the inside.

So now you know the three main factors that determine the cost of a crawl space foundation job. You now have a good idea of how much it will cost to repair a cracked or bulging foundation, and you also have a good idea of the average cost of an insulation project. Start researching your next basement remodel now!

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