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table cloth

Everything in our home is planned and decorated, so why leave those tables bare? As per a study, a stylish tablecloth can make your food tasty. An exquisite table cloth brings style and even a different outlook to the meal.

Table covers help you protect your table and bring a warm appeal to your home.


With several options available in the market, you can create as many books as you want at your table, from kid-friendly to five-star setting everything is upon you.


The size of the table cloth depends upon the formality of the occasion. For occasions which are casual 6-8” is perfect and for formal events, a 10-15” suits more.


Table cloth helps one set the mood of the dinner. Be it happy, rich, romantic, genuine, or lighthearted.


The material of the table cloth online helps you elevate the whole look and even helps you decide how occasionally you are going to use them, so you can be cautious while washing them, dispensable ones can be used a single time only.


White or ivory shades of tablecloth bring a formal setting to your place. Whereas brighter colors will bring a festive or dramatic visual to the room. You can add elements according to the cloth.


Many bigger places need extra table clothing so the washing equipment should be arranged accordingly.

  • COST

There are a number of table cloths available, with so many options you should find the perfect table cloth for yourself which fulfills every single need of you, even your budget.


Knowing the ideal size of your table is the most important thing, and is a simple procedure. The only thing you need is the ideal shade you are looking for and drop for the table cloth, irrespective of shape it can be a rectangle, round, or even square tablecloth.

STEP-1 identify your table size

If you know the size of your tablecloth it may help you know what kind of style you will set on your table. Measure the width and the length of the tablecloth carefully.


  • Length of the tablecloth
  • Height of the tabletop from the floor
  • Width of the tablecloth

STEP -2 Determine the desired tablecloth

How long do you want the table to drop on the floor? Floor-length? 12”? 15 ” What is your ideal desire for your tablecloth to look like? If you are going to use the table for eating or for people seated, the ideal form is 12-15” for the right comfort.

STEP-3 select the right size

So after knowing your table size and the drop you want it is time for you to get the right size.

  • Length of the table cloth the desired length x 2
  • The width of the tablecloth is the desired length x 2

STEP-4 Decide the color of your tablecloth

The tablecloth shade should be chosen according to your event or occasion. You can easily create a state of mind according to your wish just by choosing the right tablecloth for your table. You can change the theme of your room by adding dramatic effects by adding a cheerful tablecloth.

STEP- 5 Determine the Number of table additions you’ll need

For every 100 napkins, you’ll be needing 2 dozen more. If you have 10 tablecloths, get two more for yourself.

TABLECLOTHS – tablecloth is a cloth that is used to cover the table. Some are basic but you’ll find designer tablecloths too. Many table cloths are made to protect the table from stains and scratches. The fabric choices one gets in tablecloths are cotton, polyester, and vinyl.

TABLE RUNNERS – a narrow cloth running down in the center of the table. This table runner is usually found as a decorative element with other table dressing. You can place this on a bare table or even on an existing tablecloth.

PLACEMENTS- a covering which is placed on individual places. This is made of different materials that depend on what use you have with it: is it to protect or as a decorative element.

NAPKINS – a small cloth used to clean hands and mouth while eating.


Even if you are eating alone or with a family, a basic table setting can elevate your whole mood.

  • A basic simple placement mat
  • Then place your everyday waste on the placement mat
  • A folded napkin on the left side of your plate
  • Keep a dinner fork on the napkin or nearby it and a dining knife along with a spoon on the right side
  • And a water glass above the knife


If you are on a casual date you can add a few extra charms to your dinner setting, do the basic setting, and then add

  • A decorative napkin instead of a paper napkin and use it under the fork
  • If you have a soup spoon, keep it to the right side of the knife. And if a salad fork, it should be on the left side of the plate
  • Right above the knife and spoon on the right of the water glass should be a wine glass


For fancy dinner parties, you should keep the table set up to the mark. Keep the informal setting ready and then add

  • The tablecloth used here should be above ground about a foot up.
  • Use candles and flowers at the center of the table, make sure the candles are unscented to avoid food aroma interference.
  • You can swap your everyday elements with decorative ones, the best napkins you have can be placed across every dinner plate
  • Use high-quality dishware
  • Use stemmed wine glasses
  • If you want to add a steak knife place it on the right side of the plate
  • Place a dessert spoon and fork above the plate

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