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golden city of india

Sandy landscapes in the heart of Rajasthan’s Thar Desert dominate and have long been known as the Golden City of India. Affectionately nicknamed Jaisalmer, the fort city is a vibrant city filled with ancient structures, historic temples, and scenic natural beauty that cannot be found anywhere else in the clay regions of Rajasthan. Founded in the 12th century AD. from Maharawal Jaisal, Jaisalmer is also the largest district in the state with a history as old as Rajasthan. As one of the most visited destinations in the country, the city is recognized worldwide as a complete cultural mecca with historic forts, palaces, havelis, nature parks and sand dunes, most of which are easily accessible by road, rail, camel or elephant.

Jaisalmer Fort is obviously the most visited attraction in the city as it is a Jaisalmer landmark that dates back to the 12th century when the fort was built. At a height of 250 feet and surrounded by a 30-foot sandstone wall, the fort is also home to 99 bastions that offer guests breathtaking panoramic views from all angles. This impressive structure is located on the Trikuta Hill and is made up almost entirely of yellow sandstone. A Jain temple sits within its walls, along with several other temples. In the fortress, which is located 30 meters above the city, there are also residential areas and public roads. The Tazia Tower is another point of historical interest in Jaisalmer that emerges from the “Palace of the Clouds” known as Badal Mahal. This imposing five-level tower with intricately carved balconies on each floor is a sight that evokes the wonder of its architectural prowess.

Palaces or Jaisalmer Havelis are also worth a visit, as these spacious structures feature intriguing tracery and impressive interiors with stirrup-shaped peacock motifs, yellow/red sandstone facades, and intricate designs. Highlights include Nathmalji-ki-Haveli and Salim-Singh-ki-Haveli, while Patwon-ki-Haveli is equally popular with tourists.

Those looking for natural wonders in Jaisalmer should head to Gadsisar Sagar Lake, the city’s favorite picnic and recreation spot. The lake is a bird watchers paradise and attracts hundreds of wandering beauties to its shores during the winter months. The lake also has a 15th-century water protection reservoir, while the old Bada Bagh garden is located on the lakeside.

Wildlife enthusiasts, on the other hand, should venture into the Jaisalmer Desert National Park, which offers visitors a glimpse into the city’s rich flora and fauna heritage. Spanning 3,162 km2, vultures, desert hares, chinkara and wild boars are often spotted at this vast sanctuary established in 1980. Snakes and desert foxes are also found here, while guests can spot fossilized tree trunks at Akal. Wood Fossil Park. Other attractions include the Lodurva Jain Temple ruins and local sand dunes, best explored by camel safaris, which have long been recognized as a Jaisalmer landmark tourist activity.

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