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goa best stuff for couples

What is Goa’s best stuff for pairs? Lay late in bed, have two breakfasts, visit the beach. Soak up the sun and then the party in the night before it sinks into the Arab Sea. Rinse, lather, repeat. Lather.

Such a description summarises all couples do in Goa. Overwhelmingly. However, you can take the checklist off and try your hand on our list. These are some of the best things you do in Goa, and none of them involves the beach. So flip on and come away with us on your adventure changeover.

1. Get the Dolphins Breakfast

Hire a boat on the beach and go for a romantic breakfast to the beach two earlier in the morning. Prepare some sandwiches. Or a six-kit pack. You are an adult and who told you you can’t have breakfast beer? Look hard, and a dolphin pot will scatter around you. (They’re after the beer, probably!)

2. Butterfly Island Secret Party

One of Goa’s best stuff for couples? Take a late-night party boat trip to Butterfly Island for two. This small island near the north end of South Goa‘s Palolem beach is only accessible by water and resembled more a large sandbar than an island. But it’s super clean, privacy-friendly, and totally romantic. Get your favorite drinks slowly, have some food, and enjoy your SO in the stars the evening.

3. Chapora River Cruise

Get your own private houseboat cruise on the Chapora River (you read it right!). Book your trip with one of the several companies offering such cruises and select one day or night. In Goa as a couple, one of the things you’re able to do is to give you a new perspective on living in Goa – to watch the scenes along the river as you sail – to fishers who make their nets ready, to sand dredgers hard at work, to waft songs from the rivers and to people who go to business in villages bordered by the river.

4. Go via Panjim’s Old Latin Quarters

Goa is popular and is frequently visited by visitors for its magnificent churches. How about visiting the old Latin Quarter of Panjim’s quaint little church in Fontainhas? Fontainhas is not really the historic center of Panjim and has maintained its ancient Portuguese presence on the tourist map. The buildings and churches such as the St. Sebastian’s Chapel architecture can be seen. Often visit our Lady of Rosary Church in the 16th century, which is part of UNESCO’s state World Heritage sites. In reality, one of Goa’s most romantic things as a couple would be to go through the Old Latin Viertel goallessly for a whole day!

5. Check out the site of Usgalimal Rock Gravings

Does it sound like a bore to search an ancient archaeological site? It’ll be anything but we promise you! The journey itself – it’s an adventure from your starting point towards Sanguem in South Goa. The green scenery of Goa is lush; all these small hamlets are worth the drive along the way and the improvised stops (you know that you are going to do that!). These petroglyphs from the Stone Age are a joy to see sitting on the banks of the Kushavati river and discovered in 1993. How is that perfect for a couple in Goa?

6. Enjoy bike rides

For couples who go beyond the beach, a cycling tour is a great choice in Goa. Many companies sell these tours and you can choose from cycling on an island, the old Latin Quarter, or cycling through the state of Panjim, which visits its many towns and villages. Discover something new with your SO at a slow pace, togetherness, and excitement.

7. Go catching crab

Catch together your meal! It is a thing for people to catch the crabs! Your catch can be perfectly cooked. Many shops along the beach sell equipment (and guidance) for crab catching, making it a meal during the sunset. This crab catching experience in Goa will produce many stories for friends back home. A perfect choice for good things to do in Goa.

8. Go spotting Crocodile

What is better in a pair than a boat trip across the Cumbarjua Canal in the vicinity of Panjim? The canal is populated by muggers, the Indian crocodile, and you can see them in the light, near and personal. They are not going to beat your wallet! To rush together with adrenaline? One of the best things to do as a couple in Goa!

9. Visit the Tambdi Surla Temple, which is unknown

The Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary housed a 12th-century building. This magnificent structure of stone that is one of the oldest in Goa is practically not visited by any tourist and probably the last remaining example of Kadamba-Yadava architecture in the state.

10. See Feni in Fake

Another great choice for couples in Goa is to harvest Cashew apples in Valpoi. This easy-to-use operation is only possible during the harvest season from March to May: you pick the cassava, gladly pump the fruit and watch Fenis – the exalted goal liquor – distilling it out. Happy! Beatitude!

Some other remarkable things were: a hot air balloon trip in Assolda, white water rafting in Sattari, and a visit to Goa’s old fort for historical lessons. Naturally, you’re still going to end at a beach, after all, you’re in Goa! But try some of this wonderful stuff for couples in Goa on your next visit. Is it more been going to? In the following comments, speak to us about your experiences.

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