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future of electric vehicles

Emission, Pollution and Climate change; Ever since the industrial revolution began in the early 18th Century these three were the evils created by humans. Globalization and international trade were the key factors pushing these evils in the 19th Century. An increase in the emissions of CO2 and other pollutants from vehicles raise global concern over pollution. After the Paris climate agreement, Climate change added to the concern. Everyone is hoping towards the alternative to Reduce urban pollutions. Like Shanghai, China and Delhi, India every year saw a great deal of pollution levels during Winter. But with the introduction of the photovoltaic cell and lithium-ion batteries, the future of human mankind changed forever.

Electric vehicles or EVs turn out to be a great alternative. Virtually Zero Emissions on road. We all heard about TESLA and their contribution towards Electrify the vehicles. Elon has a great vision for EVs. With Model 3, Model X and Cybertruck he proved himself right. With New R&D in battery technologies, Tesla tops the EV market in the U.S.A. Tesla is the only company having Gigafactory in China without a Chinese majority partner. As China accounts for the largest share of Global EV sales. Instant Ignition of Tesla EVs during extremely cold conditions favor EVs over traditional cars in extremely cold weather conditions countries like Canada and part of Chinese provinces and with Climate change, these conditions will going to get worse. Ever since the SDG of 2030 focuses on climate change general audience and auto a maker starts giving their attention to Electric future, with more and more companies like GM, Volkswagen Group, Nissan announced their plan to electrify almost all future models of cars the late 21st century turns out to be an Electric. Recently spokesperson at Tesla announced to enter the Market of 2nd most populous country India. This will be an example for all the developing countries to focus on the future of transportation as an alternative to pricey oil imports every year. recently the UK announced to stop selling new cars with internal combustion engines by 2030. Evs going to be the only alternative as of now. Tesla already foresaw this and started building Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany. In near future, we can expect a double-digit increase in car sales all across Europe. Plus the introduction of new EU standards of 95gm of CO2/km for emission in passenger cars, Uber also announced to the changed the whole fleet with Electric cars by 2030 gives an additional boost in the sell of EVs.

electric vehicle

Electric major Tesla already became the Top Carmaker company by the value this year. Tesla already earns the position in the prestigious S&P 500 index with a soaring share price as being the vision of all people around the globe. President Joe Biden also pledged to transitions the US “away from the Oil Industry”. As per the Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the global demand for EVs will eventually rise. As per the study the global rise in electric vehicle sales likely to be increased by 58% from the current level by 2040.

“HURDLES” Charging infrastructure being the major hurdle in the development of the EV market. Tesla supercharge is a great initiative towards mitigating the hurdle but still it is brand-specific more infrastructure for general charging station needed. In addition to that, the current scenario of charging rate or Charge rate equivalency with gas price or price parity with internal combustion engines is still high but with major developments EV price parity expected to come by 2030.

But there is a catch, no one is going to buy a $40,000 car over insufficient charging points which limits the EVs in long rides. The only solution is to attract more domestic investors into e-auto industries for cheaper alternatives.

Mitigating all the limits provided the Electric Vehicles could be the ‘Next Big Thing’ just like the Internet, Nobody believed at first but eventually, everyone will going to use it. Thanks for reading.

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