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fix pdf error

Got stuck with the error file does not begin with PDF while working on PDF? Then, we have got this blog for you. In this blog, we will share all about PDF data and the manual methods to fix the PDF error.

PDF is a file format that supports multiple platforms to create documents, help guides, and other records. As a matter of fact, PDF documents are transferred through email, message, or a simple attachment, from one platform to another.

But no matter how secure is PDF format, as it is also vulnerable to corruption errors like:

  • The file does not begin with a PDF.
  • PDF unsupported file type.
  • The PDF could not be opened it may be damaged.

But out of this lot, the one error that makes it difficult for a user to access a PDF file is the file does not begin with a PDF error. Let us get to know the factors that result in this error.

Factors causing PDF error

We have listed here some causes that can lead to PDF error.

  • Modifying the permissions/settings of PDF files that restrict users from accessing the file
  • Partial download of PDF documents due to problems with a slow internet connection.
  • Compatibility issues with the working of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader X versions.
  • PDF files are stored on your system affected by viruses or malware attacks.

With proper care, we can avoid some of these factors behind PDF error. But, if the PDF error has occurred, then you need to make use of manual methods to resolve it.

Manual Method to fix file does not begin with PDF error

When it comes to manual methods, there are only a few options available. We have shared here all possible solutions to restore the File doesn’t begin with the ‘%PDF’ error.

Method to turn off ‘Display PDF in Browser’ in Adobe Acrobat

For solving the PDF error, you can disable the “Display PDF in browser” from the Adobe Acrobat preferences, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Before starting the process, please ensure that the file format is filename.pdf.
  2. Trigger Adobe Reader directly rather than executing it from the web browser.
  3. Pull down the Edit Menu of the Reader and then choose Preferences.
  4. Lastly, clear off the mark from the Display PDF in Browser option in the Internet Settings Group/panel.

But, if in case, your PDF file isn’t repaired, then the cause is severe corruption of PDF. Then, your only hope is technical assistance. But, wait, if you want a more quick resolution, then we have got an alternate solution for you.

Alternate Solution restore PDF with PDF Recovery tool

The PDF Recovery tool is fully automated, an advanced solution to fix error file does not begin with PDF. With it, you can repair PDF files on your system without leaking out your confidential data online. This tool helps you to recover all contents like images, texts, tables, graphs, etc. from a corrupt PDF file. Use the PDF Recovery tool to recover PDF Files in bulk with assured data accuracy instantly.


This blog shares all possible methods to repair file does not begin with PDF errors. But, we suggest you to use the PDF Recovery tool to regain all corrupted PDF files with promised results.

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