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extract images from pdf

Introduction: Portable Document format (PDF) is a highly used file format especially when it comes to sharing the file with others as well. Sometimes we come across some PDFs from which we would like to extract the content that we find resourceful. In this write-up, I’m going to make you go through 5 solutions to how to extract images from PDF. At the last I will tell you which solution I preferred the most.

I was having some PDF documents with me that had many pictures of various beautiful cities. So, I decided to extract images from PDF as JPEG so that I can use them further. I tried many ways to take out pictures from PDF without distorting the quality. Apparently taking a screenshot was a bad idea! Also, I could not just simply copy the images because there was a copying restriction on some of the PDF documents.

But I found some efficient solutions that I want to share with you guys through this blog.

Also, if you want to extract pages from PDF, you can use a PDF Splitter tool. But here I am only going to talk about how to extract images from PDF.


  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader
  2. Adobe Acrobat Pro
  3. Adobe Photoshop
  4. Freeware Program
  5. SysTools PDF Image Extractor

Let us get started!

Adobe Acrobat Reader (Snapshot Method)

Well, it is not an extract method because we are simply taking a screenshot here . Also, I tried the screenshot method through Adobe Acrobat Reader because it was a free application so I thought why not!

  • Start by opening your PDF file and scroll down to the position of your image that you want First.
  • Now, click on the Edit menu and choose the ‘Take a Snapshot’ option.
  • Two ways you can do this- you can just click and drag over the area of the image to take a screenshot, but the most preferable way will be to click on the Edit menu again and click Select All.
  • Right-click on the image in the PDF file and you’ll get an option – Copy Selected Graphic.
  • That image will get copied to the clipboard. Now to convert my images to JPEG I used an image editing program. You can convert your images to any preferred format.

But I found it quite unprofessional to extract images from PDF because first, you have to repeat the process for every image you want, which is quite time taking. Also, as I told you that some of my PDFs were having the print restriction. So, this method wasn’t useful in print-restricted cases. Also, the quality of images was not the same as the original especially when you take a screenshot.

Now, let us see some professional solutions!

Extract Images From PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

If you already have Adobe Acrobat Pro installed in your system, excellent! Because it is an expensive utility where it is mandatory to take its annual subscription that will cost you $14.99 per month. Now, lets see how you can extract images from PDF using the application:

  • Open your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Next, click on Tools and then select Export PDF.
  • Click on Image, click on the file format in which you want to export images and then check the Export all images box.
  • Click on the Export button. A dialog box will open, choose the location to save the exported image files . To change the default folder click on the Choose a Different Folder button.
  • After clicking on the folder, a Save As dialog will come and you have to name the image.

This is an easy and professional but quite expensive solution. Let me tell a unusual but quite useful solution i.e. Exporting Images from PDF Using Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop to Extract Images From PDF File

If you have Photoshop in your system instead of Acrobat Pro, then you can take help from the tool.

  • Open Adobe Photoshop application and open the PDF file. Automatically, the PDF import dialog will pop-up.
  • Select Images radio button and then select the images you want inside the Photoshop application (Use the SHIFT key to select multiple images). Click OK, each image will get open in an individual tab in Photoshop.

Online PDF Image Extraction Services And Other Freeware Wizards

There are many online services that offer to extract images from PDF for free but there is a limitation on the file size or on the images that the online tool will extract if you are using a free service.  Also, if you have highly confidential PDF documents then this method is not recommended. But still if you want to try you can type PDF image extractor in google search bar and you will get many websites. 

There are some freeware utilities as well but I personally haven’t used them because they can be Adware or Spyware you never know. But, if you want to try a trusted tool for free keep reading!

SysTools PDF Image Extractor

SysTools is a trusted brand that deals in IT solutions. SysTools PDF Image Extractor is quite a powerful software just like Adobe Acrobat but AFFORDABLE. They also provide the free trials where you can extract one image from 5 PDF files each.

  • Download SysTools PDF Extractor, click on Add Files/ Add Folder to insert your desired PDF documents.
  • The tool can extract attachments and text as well. So there will be 3 tabs, to extract images from PDF, you have to select Image tab.
  • You can apply desired image settings where you can select the preferred format in which you want to export all the extracted images. You can also apply page settings to take out images from the preferred pages of the PDF.
  • After setting all the desired filters, you can click on Extract Button.

Concluding My Thoughts

Personally I like SysTools Application because it does batch processing so it can quickly process numerous PDF files at once. There are so many filter and export format options. Hence it is designed for professionals. But, you can also consider Adobe Acrobat Pro DC because it’s an all-in-one tool for PDF files but the only problem is it’s cost.

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