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engagement ring trends

Be it in fashion, culture, or anything else, trends are vital for everything. When it’s a wedding, the first thing which people look at is the trends. Everyone makes sure to look at the trends because they want their wedding to be the best and unique one that should stay in people’s hearts forever. There is nothing more important in the wedding than the engagement rings as they mark the union of two souls. Also, most couples prefer to wear it forever, which makes it vital for them to choose it wisely. People should cherish this as no one would like that their engagement rings to soon become out of trend. Here are some of the famous diamond engagement rings trends for 2021.

Engagement ring trends

1. Skinny rings with thin bands

Almost everyone out there must have heard about the skinny engagement rings with just one stone. A few years ago, there emerged the trend of thin, delicate, plain, and diamond-encrusted rings. Not only this, the whole social media became flooded with this. The mixing together of a thin band with a large center stone in the middle is on everyone’s list for their weddings. This simple design is sure to grab everyone’s attention out there. But while going for this for your wedding, make sure that the band is not too thin as it can break in no time. Consequently, go for a band weighing around 1.8mm for best stability and endurance. The ring looks exceptionally beautiful on girls with slender and thin fingers as these get lost when the fingers are too large.

2. Elongated center stone rings

One can also think around getting stone rings such as oval, pearl, pearl, and emerald-cut for their weddings. If you are not aware of its perks, then we will let you know about it. These shaped rings will make your fingers look slender and longer at the same time, even if they weigh the same. The number one fancy shape popular for brides has been the oval-shaped ring. On the other hand, emerald cut rings exhibit glamour and elegance.

3. V-shaped engagement rings

These V-shaped engagement rings are also known as chevron rings. These rings are ideal for setting the trend as they are ultra-unique and give the feel of romance. You can wear these rings by pointing them downwards towards your fingertip.

4. Solitaires

The solitaire ring also never goes out of style like the black dress. Solitaire rings exhibit simplicity and have an enduring appeal. Back in time, there were wider band rings in trend, but now it is the sleek rings that are making people speechless. Whether it’s plain, rounded, or set with pave diamonds, it is sure to capture the heart of your beloved. The best thing about solitaire metal is that it looks best on everyone and is also economical. For the best look, you can layer your ring with other rings.

5. Vintage rings

The vintage-inspired wedding rings heavily influence people. These look simply timeless and have that spark in them which will make you look your best. These rings speak for themselves as it stands for romance and is unique. Vintage rings may serve as heirloom jewelry also shortly. These rings are the unique blend of modernity and antiquity and look fresh. Besides this, these rings come in all metal colors like white, yellow, and rose gold.

6. Rose outlook rings

Rose gold engagement rings are the new thing on people’s wish list. It has a long and rich history and is becoming popular these days. If your girl is looking for something with a modern and romantic feel, then this one is for her. Be it vintage-inspired or available in floral designs, these rings look out of the world and add to the person’s beauty.

7. Three stone rings

Three stone engagement rings trends have been started by Meghan Markle. People prefer distinct combinations these days. For instance, you can combine oval with half-moon diamonds or, on the other hand, emerald with trapezoids. Another unique combination is princess cut with trillion diamonds in it. Apart from these combinations, brides are going crazy over bandwagon rings also. The thing which makes these rings the best choice is that they stand for love, friendship, and fidelity.

8. Floral engagement rings

Flowers have long been the symbol of romance, and there’s no doubt in this. In 2018, these rings made their way to the people and appealed to the masses straight away. These rings exhibit femininity and look superb in white gold settings and rose gold also.

9. Halo engagement rings

Not many ladies love and embrace this setting, but many out there also love it. Those who do not love halo rings have an alternative to opt for hidden halo engagement rings. Halo engagement ring trends have tiny diamonds in the set around the head.

10. Stack rings

Stack rings continue to persist and inspire both already married and those planning to get married. These rings express themselves and exhibit their unique personal style. These look classy and perfect for gifting purposes, be it for birthdays or any other occasion such as an anniversary.

11. Gemstones and pearls rings

One sure-shot way to make your engagement ring look stylish is by embedding unique gemstones and pearls in it. These days, couples are looking forward to colorful baubles. Also, when it comes to engagement and wedding ring trends, couples are mostly inspired by pop culture.

12. Unique cut rings

No matter how many metals come and go, diamonds will forever be the crush of every girl. The diamond shapes that are on the peak are: pear, emerald, oval, and marquise, as girls love these shapes.

13. Alexandrite wedding rings

Alexandrite is known for changing color and is one of the must-have engagement rings. It’s the most precious stone ever and will make heads turn once you go wearing it.

14. Multi-stone engagement rings

Ever wondered how multi stone diamond engagement ring will look on your girl? The only answer is classy. There cannot be anything better than the multi-stone engagement rings.


All these above-mentioned classy diamond engagement ring trends will make your wedding memorable. Also, it will add up to your charm.

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