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singapore work permits

Having a job is the first step to financial stability and independence. This is why many look for jobs that can bring them this kind of stability in their lives. People keep trying out jobs until they can find the one that is worth staying with that. That is mostly the reason why people travel to other countries just to work. One of the countries they aim to work in is the Southeast Asian country of Singapore.

To be able to work in a country like Singapore, you need to pass their employment pass Singapore eligibility. Once you have determined that you are eligible for the work pass, you can go ahead with the application process. Each employment visa has a unique application but the process is almost similar. In this article, we’ll cover the 5 guidelines to get Singapore work permits, the S Pass, and employment pass Singapore visa.

Step 1 – Get a job in Singapore

Most of the work visas need all applicants to get a job first in Singapore. That should be done before they even start gathering the required documents for the employment visa applications. One of the reasons why this should be done first is because every candidate needs an employer to back up their application.

For one thing, it is the employer’s responsibility to apply for the employment pass Singapore visa on behalf of the candidate. Without an employer, the candidate cannot apply for a work visa in Singapore except for the personalised employment pass. That is why the first step to get Singapore work visas is to get a job position in Singapore.

Step 2 – Submit the employment pass Singapore application

Once you have a definite job in Singapore, you can now apply for the employment visa applications. The eligibility of each work visa will be based on the job you got in Singapore. There is a specific type of pass for each type of work. Thus, make sure that the pass you are applying for is what you should apply for.

In this process, the employer or the employment pass Singapore agent will log in to the myMOM portal. In this online portal, they will fill out an application form and upload the necessary documents. After paying the $105 fee, you will wait for three weeks to get the IPA letter. The IPA will allow you to come to Singapore to complete the application.

Step 3 – Request for the employment visa to get issued

Once the employment visa candidate is in Singapore, the employer must apply for a request to get the employment pass Singapore visa issued. This should be accomplished within six months or before the date noted in the IPA letter. The employer will log in to the portal again and fill out another application form. He or she will need to pay $225 for each pass and an additional $30 for each multiple journey visa if necessary. Once the pass is issued, you will get the notification letter.

Step 4 – Have your fingerprints and photos registered

The notification will indicate whether you need to get through this step or just skip it. However, if it is stated, the employment visa applicant must register their fingerprints and photos at the stated authorized location. This must be completed in two weeks after the pass is issued. The employment pass Singapore candidates that need to go through this step must bring all their relevant documents and make an appointment.

Step 5 – Get the employment pass card

The last step is to get the employment pass card. The notification letter will only be a temporary employment visa until you get your card. The validity of the letter is only one month so you need to have your card ready by then. Usually, it takes four working days for the employment visa card to be delivered to you. They will try to deliver it to you and your authorized recipients twice. If both delivery attempts are unsuccessful, your next option is to pick up the card at an employment pass Singapore service center.

Getting a work visa like the employment pass Singapore visa may seem easy with this guide. However, it can be complicated if you are not familiar with the application process. That is why most employers will seek the aid of an employment agent to do this on their behalf. There are plenty of accredited employment pass Singapore.

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