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Digital marketing has become a field where efficiency and diversification have become paramount. So many businesses that are at the cusp of becoming big brands have reached this stage with the unique power of digital marketing.

Now that digital marketing is already an established practice, brands are looking beyond its obvious benefits. Efforts to solidify traction made through digital marketing have become increasingly important says Gaurav Heera.

For most companies that grow their user base from scratch with digital marketing, SEO is often the most important technique to master. Organic growth is the reason small businesses confidently deploy digital marketing. If one were to look at the traffic share of any company which has grown due to digital marketing in the past few years, search engines would represent the largest share of incoming traffic. In other words, SEO and high search rankings are what bring in the most traffic says Gaurav Heera.

This can be a good thing for a while but not something a business should depend on in the long run. SEOs who have worked in the industry for many years would attest to the fact that even something as small as a search engine update can shake up traffic numbers. Digital marketing institute trainers always have to field questions from students who fear that the traffic they build will disappear after a Google search update.

In this article, we discuss a solution to this problem and why email marketing could be the answer.

Email Marketing Can Cover for Search Traffic

Most SEO traffic a website gets is from unique visitors who came upon the website after searching for something. They are not necessarily loyal to the website. Thus, if some other website comes at the top a few days later, the older website will lose a ton of traffic.

There are many ways of solidifying top search ranking on Google. However, there is a more pressing need to depend less on search engines for traffic needs says Gaurav Heera.

This is where email marketing can help. Unlike search traffic bringing in unique visitors, email marketing promotes loyalty and trust with the readers who won’t stop coming to the website even if search engine traffic falls says Gaurav Heera.

When it comes to fostering loyalty and creating a dependable source of traffic, there is no technique better than email marketing

Email Marketing Is Much Cheaper

Any company that is trying to dominate and turn search traffic into money in the bank needs the help of SEO tools. The best of these tools are premium and require companies to pay a certain amount. Popular names like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Mangools are examples of SEO tools used commonly by companies worldwide says Gaurav Heera.

These tools are not cheap and require SEO professionals to use. A normal marketer won’t be able to grasp the different metrics a top SEO tool shows. So, on top of buying SEO tools (renting is more accurate as people have to renew their subscription on a monthly or annual basis depending on the plan), a company will also need to hire an SEO exec who knows how to handle these tools and use them to bring success to a campaign says Gaurav Heera.

Email marketing is much cheaper and easier to deploy. There are many free email marketing tools that can do the job just as well.

In Conclusion

In this article, we discuss why email marketing could be a defining marketing technique in 2020. Readers should note that email marketing cannot replace SEO. However, it can serve as a strong source of traffic and take the pressure off SEOs to consistently rank on the top of SERPs.

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