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Whether you own a small business or a larger one, you need to market your business and your services for the world to know about you. The world around you is moving towards the digital era, and if you are not yet ready to catch the trend yet, that can be detrimental to your growth prospects.

That is where a digital marketing company helps you achieve the best results by providing you access to a collection of wonderful services in helping you improve your digital presence and help you get noticed.

From that perspective, we handpicked our top 5 Digital marketing companies in India that have all the potential to help you achieve the best standards in an easy to manage format.

#1 SocialPulsar

SocialPulasr is a Kerala based digital marketing service and has been able to catch the imagination of the clients with its impeccable functioning. The company has a huge presence with the top-notch marketing packages, marketing automation, decision science and mobile marketing aids. It can be an exciting option for the small to medium businesses in achieving the best social interaction through social media tools and customer interaction.

The company specialises in three prime areas –  Digital marketing, SEO and Social media marketing. The company has earned several awards and recognitions for its support for digital marketing cause with innovative techniques. The strength of the company lies in its AI-driven marketing solutions. The digital branding and business automation techniques evolved by the company have been quite influential in letting small to medium businesses grow their presence across the digital world. The focus they place on your brand reputation is one of the most decisive factors that has made them stand out of the crowd.

#2 Pinstorm

One of the leading advertising agencies in the world, Pinstorm has been helping the businesses grow their digital presence. The marketing agency is best suited for large enterprises than for small businesses. Having its offices in several locations in India and even abroad, the digital agency was founded in 2004. The company believes in making use of the contemporary industry techniques for improving your digital prospect in the face of the competition.

One of the enormous strengths of Pinstorm has been the right mix n match of both traditional new-age marketing techniques. They specialise in strategy, research, user experience, web design, mobile-friendliness, advertising, and search optimization.

#3 Marketing Masala

If you aim to power your brand image and help it grow, Marketing Masala can be of absolute help in achieving your goals. The digital marketing company based out of New Delhi, Marketing Masala lives up to its innovative name with an equally creative set of advanced features and techniques. The focus that the company pays to the feedback received from its clients further makes it one of the excellent options you would want to go with.

The company focuses on the strength of its research and data-driven approach in reaching the best standards in giving your brand a big boost. They love calling themselves a Growth hacking and digital marketing agency, and that indeed shows up in their strategies.

#4 Webchutney

Another digital marketing company in India with a similar sounding name as Marketing Masala, Webchutney has been working with several huge brands in India. They have an excellent track record of building a robust digital marketing campaign for the clients in building and sustaining a strong relationship with their audience.

Webchutney offers services in a wide range of service areas such as Online advertising, Website Designing, Mobile Marketing, SEO, Analytics, Application Development and Social Media. Known for excellence across different digital marketing accolades, the company has even won a few awards for its excellence. A few examples from that perspective can be the DMAI awards for its projects for Remit2India, Standard Chartered and Cleartip.

#5 Shoot Order

Last, but certainly not the least on our list, Shoot Order is a considerably huge name for a digital marketing agency in Hyderabad. The marketing agency places a lot of importance on social media marketing and sees it as one of the strongest marketing techniques for perfect growth. They have specialised tools for everything right from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to a host of other social media sites that would go a long way in promoting excellence for their clients.

They believe in staying connected to their clients, and that can be seen as one of the prime reasons why they have been able to build a rapport with their clients. They believe in keeping the customer in the loop when handling all the tasks related to their clients. The perfect use of the CRM practices should indeed make it a customer-centric digital marketing agency to the core.


We have made efforts to research and put together this list to help you find the best digital marketing agency in India. We have researched the top digital marketing companies on all aspects- clients, services provided, team strength, experience, existing clientele and more. Apart from the ones listed above, there are many more agencies as well whose services you can try after detailed research and analysis.

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