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mtech vs ms

If you are a B.Tech student, the phrase ‘M.Tech vs M.S’ encourages you to continue the reading. Now, when you search on google you will get to know that every year approximately 1.5 million students complete their graduation in engineering.

Most of them have graduated with B. Tech and wanders about their career choices in the future. So, let us help you with the same. Now when you are done with engineering, ever though what to be the next options?

M.Tech vs M.S. What should you opt for?

Generally, after pursuing Beach, you have two options to choose from. Whether to go for a job or think of your higher studies. Choices are always being tough. However, you need to select the best career option for yourself.

This post will guide you to go for an appropriate decision regarding your career. Pursuing graduation and settling down with a service-oriented job won’t be exciting. Explore yourself, go for a Master’s, and enhance your skills. Now, again, there is a selection available for Masters, that is, MTech and MS. Now, the question that appears here is which will be the best one. For the answer, we have to go a comparison between the two, i.e., MTech vs. MS.

We will cover every major point concerned for you. Mostly, every country offers a master’s in their respective institutes after pursuing B.Tech. Most students opt M.Tech which is a two years master’s course. However, students with a hunger for knowledge and experiments often chose to pursue MS from abroad. Carrying on, we will compare both of the options, from various important perspectives.


In case, you want to follow another footprint then you can select M.Tech. Maximum people opt for a two-year master’s course M.Tech and continue with the same. Pursuing M.Tech from renowned institutes and universities would definitely work, rather than any low-rated colleges.

The best option to pursue a master’s in India is to get into IITs or NITs. However, it is not easy to get admission into them. You require to clear the GATE examination. GATE examination is conducted nationally with the association of 7 IITs and IISc.

However, some of the central universities like Aligarh Muslim University, Hyderabad University allows admissions without GATE exams.


Generally, students select foreign-based institutes for higher studies with MS. Many students prefer to choose MS after pursuing their B.Tech. Currently, several foreign countries are offering masters in science in engineering at an affordable price.

Students need to clear the TOEFL OR IELTS examinations which basically checks your English Proficiency. Moreover, students can also join these foreign institutes through scholarships through GRE.

Students need to think about this option as it requires shifting your country. There are other perspectives also that needs to be decided while selecting MS for higher studies. This can continue for 1 to 3 years as depending on the country you are selecting.

Moreover, if someone is not planning to visit abroad, they too have options to pursue M.S. You can join IIT Madras or IIT Bombay and continue your higher studies.

M.Tech vs M.S.

We have offered the two best options for higher studies after completing your B.Tech. The above discussion has already made up your mind about your selection. Moreover, we want you to know that does not come to a judgment through the definitions and descriptions discussed.

Now, when it comes to choosing for your career, you need to look over all the pros and cons of both options. Then you can clearly select among both the options, M.Tech vs MS.

  1. Benefits: GATE helps you to increase your percentage in college and offers jobs in PSU’s and product-based companies. Whereas GRE/ TOEFL enhances your vocabulary and English proficiency.
  2. Difficulty: M.Tech entry-level exam is quite easier to clear up whereas, in the case of MS, it highly depends on the institute’s level. If you are selecting a highly reputed college you need to work really hard to clear the GREs.
  3. Costs: Tech requires costs less than MS.


Both the options are appropriate, but when it comes to deciding M.Tech vs M.S. M.Tech would be more preferable as it cost moderate and suits your financial status. Moreover, it offers the best career options. If you are financially well and planned to settle abroad and grab more opportunities you can opt for MS.

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