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diamond engagement ring

Engagement rings add to the charm of your dream wedding. Your finance must have dreamed of that ideal engagement ring for a long time. It is needless to say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. How about a diamond engagement ring that will bring a smile to your beloved’s face every time she looks at it? Be it a solitaire diamond engagement ring or a cluster of small diamonds, diamond rings are always worth it. Different styles of engagement diamond rings hold different kinds of significance. While some are lightweight, minimalist, and elegant, then others look grand! Some rings are also designed to keep their robustness in mind so that they can be used by working women regularly.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Different Styles Of Diamond Engagement Rings To Choose From

Engagement rings are carved out of different metals like white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum. However, diamond is best secured using platinum or 18-carat gold. With so many options to choose from, picking up the best diamond engagement ring can be a daunting and challenging task. This article discusses some of the best engagement diamond ring styles that will give you an idea about which timeless beauty to get for your beloved.

Engagement Ring

Some of the most popular Engagement Ring Styles are:

  • Solitaire Setting: This is the most popular kind of engagement diamond ring design. It is also known as the prong setting. The term prong refers to a metal claw that is designed to hold the diamond tightly in place. There can either be four prongs or six prongs. This setting requires a very minimum metal presence, and the diamond is elevated and more clearly visible, thereby adding to the ring’s brilliance. Light also clearly passes through the diamond in this kind of setting, enhancing the ring’s beauty.

engagement diamond ring design

  • Bezel Setting: This kind of engagement diamond ring has a very modern appearance. Unlike the prong setting, the bezel setting is one in which the metal encircles the diamond and adds to the ring’s robustness. This is more ideally suited to be used as daily wear as it secures the diamond tightly in place and there’s absolutely zero percent chance where the expensive ring can fall off on the ground. This kind of ring also does not snag on drapery or other materials. It also protects the diamond against any possible wear and tears. Although the diamond may not dazzle as much, it is a more secure option.
  • Halo Setting: In this kind of ring setting, the diamonds are placed in such a manner that resemble a halo shape. Multiple small diamonds are placed in concentric circles around a bigger stone in the center. The multiple diamond setting helps to enhance the overall sparkle of the ring. One can either team a halo ring with a pave band or with a simple band. The concentric circle also helps to secure the larger gemstone in place. Win your beloved’s heart with this style of diamond engagement ring.

engagement diamond rings

  • Eternity Band: These kind of engagement diamond rings is chick yet elegant. If you prefer minimalist designs, this kind of ring can an ideal choice for you. With multiple diamonds studded in a row, these eternity bands are a treat to the eyes. The brilliance of these rings is also noteworthy.


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The setting of the ring you wish to give your beloved lays the foundation of the entire design you choose. Apart from that, the choice of a ring also largely depends on the lifestyle of the wearer. While some designs may be ideally suited for active folks, the others require timely maintenance and have to be handled with care. Consider buying the ring which will suit your needs the best!

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