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uber like app

It all started with an Uber for iOS app that could not allow iPhone users to connect with the drivers and ride to their destination. Little by little, UberBlack came into play in which a rider can choose the car type according to their convenience for the ride. As time flew, UberPool, UberX, UberMoto, and UberCopter came into existence.

However, the changes in the app are all about a set of features that only actually defines the app’s functionality. It’s been a great transition from UberCab into Uber, a billion-dollar business. Using the Uber app, customers/riders can book a ride with ease, and they track their drivers as this app is integrated with Google Maps.

For instance, if one taxi-hailing app does not contain some set of features, users might have a second thought of preferring another app that consists of those features. Now, take a look at Uber. There is no possibility for users to have a second thought to prefer some other taxi apps as it is fully packed with user-friendly features. It is of mere importance to incorporate a set of essential features in the app to run a successful taxi business in this digital age.

Consider Takeaways from Uber And Scale-up Your Taxi-Hailing App

Are you planning to expand your taxi business with an Uber-like taxi-hailing app? Have a look at how Uber expanded its business.

At the initial stage, Uber offered a taxi service at an affordable price while black taxis charged a high price. In 2009, UberCab was founded, which is the basic version of Uber, which operated in New York. This app allows the passengers to connect with their drivers and book a ride with ease.

In 2010, UberCab was evolved to Uber and started to operate its service in San Francisco. The GPS API was incorporated in the app as it fetches the exact pickup location. This helps to match a nearby driver with the rider who needs to ride a taxi.

In 2012, UberX came into existence which is the improved version of UberCabs. In 2014, UberPOOL was launched, which is quite cost-effective compared to UberX. In the same year, UberMoto was founded and is the most cost-efficient mode of transportation.

Then, they have planned to reduce the cost incurred on resources. So, they began to test self-driving cars in 2015. In 2018, Uber introduced Uber Auto in India to compete with Ola.

Advanced Features to Consider While Developing an Uber Like App

The Uber-like app consists of a Rider App and Driver app. The following are the advanced features of the taxi-hailing riders & drivers app.

Uber-like Rider App

  • Arrival time

Once the rider books a ride, he/she can find out the driver’s estimated arrival time. Meanwhile, the rider can check the driver’s location.

  • Cost estimation

The rider has to specify the pickup and destination locations to book a ride. Once they are done with this, they can view the estimated price depending on the car type they choose.

  • Multiple payment options

The riders can select the available payment modes at their convenience. They can opt for cash payment or digital payment (credit card, debit card, e-wallet, or UPI).

  • History

The Service History feature will allow the riders to view the previous rides taken by them. Also, it displays the fare for each ride.

  • Schedule booking

The rider can book a service and take a ride later by specifying their convenient time. The app also allows the riders to book a ride for their family and friends.

  • Emergency button

It becomes necessary to incorporate the emergency button when you develop the Uber-like taxi-hailing app. This button is used in case of any emergencies. The rider can press this button to notify their family member or friends.

  • Smart pickup

The rider does not have to manually enter the pickup location. The GPS API integrated within the app detects the pickup location automatically.

Uber-like Driver App

  • Delivery reports

The app generates a report which contains information about driving to the drivers. So, they can keep an eye on their driving skills.

  • Destination location

This feature enables the drivers to choose a ride according to their preferred destination location.

  • Route optimization

This facilitates the drivers to reach the riders’ location by opting for the best-optimized route displayed in the app. This feature is friendly for the drivers when there is a lot of traffic.

  • Quest earnings

The drivers can make an extra penny by carrying out some set of trips in a particular period of time. This encourages drivers to carry out a ride with enthusiasm.

  • Ride cancelation

Usually, the app charges a cancelation fee from the drivers when they cancel a ride. The same applies to the drivers as well. The drivers can cancel the ride within a shortened time.

  • Heat maps

The heat maps feature will allow the drivers to know which areas are in high demand for the taxis. It helps the drivers to get a ride easily, and the riders’ requests will be processed shortly.

  • Tipping

The tipping feature is in favor of drivers. This way, the drivers can make extra money out of the app. It is up to the riders who wish to provide tips to the drivers.

How to Plan Features for Your Taxi Booking App?

Before you plan the feature set, you have to determine what you need for your taxi business. In a nutshell, you can prefer to choose the basic app, moderate app, or full-fledged app.

The basic app contains only the most essential features, whereas the moderate feature contains some extra features other than the necessary ones. The fully-fledged app consists of both essential and advanced features.

Keep this in mind and develop a unique set of features for developing an Uber like app for your business.

Final Note

You have to be careful in choosing features for your app, as it should not look like a feature-stuffed one. Consider choosing the features that are useful for the riders, which are more convenient in booking a ride.

Then, the most important aspect to consider to develop an Uber like taxi hailing app is choosing the right app development team or company. Get your app developed depending on your needs. As there are many existing taxi apps in the market, come up with a unique business strategy to stand out from the competition.

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