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destination weddings

Weddings are the auspicious occasion that celebrates the coming together of two individuals as one entity and cherishes the bond these two people share. Given these circumstances, it gets only obvious for the couple to make their wedding day grand and memorable. From the decorations, venue, attire, food arrangements, music arrangements, to destinations every aspect of the wedding should celebrate the couple and their choices as this one day is often counted as their day. The destination couple chooses as an ideal location to host their wedding plays an important role in making the entire wedding an eternal affair.

Destination weddings are attracting popular attention in the wedding industry these days as they are counted as fun, vibrant, and delightful. Couples can go for both destination weddings in India or abroad destinations depending on the budget, preference, and location aspect. In India itself, a couple can find a whole variety of destinations, from royal and opulent palaces to sun-kissed beaches, picturesque mountains, beautiful valleys, and lavish hotels.

To further help in choosing the perfect destination wedding locations, here is a list of some scenic and spectacular wedding destinations in India –

1. Royal destination wedding at Udaipur

Royal destination wedding at Udaipur

If you wish to make your wedding exquisitely a royal affair and render a historical touch to it, Udaipur is a perfect wedding destination for you. Well surrounded by majestic lakes and splendid palaces, Udaipur effortlessly makes it into the list of most popular wedding destinations in India. Known for its vibrance, charisma, and arresting aura the city is admired by both Indians and foreigners alike.

Sheltering the rich culture and heritage of India, Udaipur talks of the royalty and opulence India once excelled in. The innumerable palaces in the city of Udaipur have now converted into fully functioning hotels, which are open to guests. Couples can book one of these palace styled hotels to host their wedding. While the weddings at Udaipur promises regality and affluence, the various popular sites around the city like Pichola Lake, Jagmandir, and the city palace also allow the guests to take a break in between the festivities and explore the colorful city of Udaipur.

2. Get Hitched by the beaches of Andaman & Nicobar

Get Hitched by the beaches of Andaman & Nicobar

If your idea of a perfect destination wedding includes escaping to a quaint island and reading your vows under the bright blue sky of a beach, then Andaman & Nicobar would be your dream destination wedding set-up. Turn your wedding day into a fairy-tale by getting married by the magnificent beaches of Andaman & Nicobar. The golden sands, clear blue water all around, lush greenery of the place will make your entire wedding set-up an earthly paradise.

While several parts of Andaman & Nicobar are not open to visitors yet, the Havelock islands and the Ross islands offer a perfect beach wedding setup and harbor many seaside resorts. To make your dream beach wedding more dreamy you can also book an entire island resort and pronounce your wedding vows with the mighty Indian Ocean itself serving as your background.

3. A Blissful destination wedding in Rishikesh

A Blissful destination wedding in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is celebrated as one of the most sacred cities in India and is regarded highly by the religious community of the country. The city of Rishikesh offers a peaceful, serene, and spiritual set up to begin a new phase of your life. The shore of the holy river Ganga and the pleasing sky of Rishikesh, what else sounds like a perfect venue for your wedding Mandap.

Donning the elegant Indian bridal jewelry while listening to the harmonious sound of the river Ganga flowing in the background, the Pandit chanting wedding Mantras in rhythm, and the pure sky of the city of Rishikesh adding devoutness and sanctity to your wedding ceremonies, a destination wedding at Rishikesh sounds all things dreamy. Also, the resorts in Rishikesh offer a variety of wedding venue alternatives for the couple to choose from.

Go International with your dream destination wedding choices

4. Say Yes to the mystic lands of Bali, Indonesia

Say Yes to the mystic lands of Bali, Indonesia

Indonesians refer to Bali as the island of gods owing to its impressive and arresting beauty. If you wish to turn your big day into nothing less than idyllic, Bali is the place to get married at. This dreamy and charming place with all its colorful places and majestic temples has a lot to offer to its visitors. With its lush green surroundings, white sand beaches, vibrant restaurants, opulent hotels and resorts, paddy fields, mountains, dense jungles, and its never-ending sea Bali is what heaven on earth sounds like

Plus unlike other popular wedding destinations, Bali is stunningly affordable and further allows you to save on your budget by doubling as a perfect honeymoon destination as the place has a lot worth exploring. Bali also allows you to engage in a little adventure with your friends and family before the wedding as Bali has numerous adventure activities on its platter to offer. You can go river rafting, Kayaking, trekking to waterfalls, and hiking volcanoes.

5. Set a romantic wedding tale in Portugal

Set a romantic wedding tale in Portugal

If you wish your destination wedding to be an old world’s charm, get married in the country of beautiful vineyards, refreshing weather, breathtaking views, and blissful beaches – Portugal. Portugal is counted as a perfect wedding destination because it offers all kinds of dreamy wedding set-ups – a cozy intimate wedding by the beach, a boho-chic wedding by the hills, or a romantic wedding in a rustic European setup.

The country is located on the Iberian peninsula and features some of the most blissful and beautiful beaches of Europe. The weather in Portugal is always perfect for a wedding. Being one of the sunniest countries in Europe, it is sunny almost round the year.

Also, Portugal has some epic sunset settings which make your entire wedding day in Portugal memorable. The gastronomy of Portugal is celebrated throughout the world and adds the quintessential amount of deliciousness to your wedding. Altogether Portugal ensures your wedding turns out to be a romantic dreamy affair you always wished it to be.

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