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desert safari

Desert safari with authentic barbeque meal is very popular among vacationers. If you too like to do something exciting and want to free one night, go on a desert safari in Dubai with authentic barbeque meal at the finest hotels of Dubai. You can enjoy barbecued food on this exotic desert by the campfire and it gives the feeling as if you are on a vacation in the middle of the desert. This is an ideal way to see the vast expanse of the desert and its amazing attractions. There is a wide variety of birds’ species to see and desert animals like the ostrich, zebra, cheetah, and etc.

desert safari are available for both casual travelers as well as those who want a complete tour of the city. If it is your first time to go on a desert safari in Dubai, you can opt for a simple journey by car or hummering on a camel riding on desert safari. There are many tour operators and travel agents offering camel riding and other desert safari activities in Dubai.

There are many luxurious hotels that offer luxurious amenities to their guests. A barbeque dinner with local cuisine is the most prominent feature of desert safari in Dubai. There are many restaurants which provide desert themed buffets and dinner on every evening. These dinner parties are an ideal way to spend an evening with family and friends. The spacious environs of Dubai also provide you with the option to take a four-wheel drive vehicle to explore the attractions of the desert.

You can enjoy a hot air safari to see sand dunes in the desert. A four-wheel drive vehicle can be used for desert exploration by hiring a camel or a hummering on camels. Hot air safaris are the best way to see the attractions of Dubai like the souks and shopping malls, camel races and hot air ballooning over the desert.

If you are an adventure lover, you can try the hot air ballooning which gives you a unique chance to view the beauty of Dubai in a balloon. You can opt for an evening desert safari in Dubai, which is made possible by renting out a tent. With an all-inclusive hot air balloon ride, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the desert for the whole day. It is the most romantic way to see the landscape of Dubai.

Apart from the hot air ballooning, you can also try to trek through the desert. There are several trekking tours in Dubai where you can enjoy trekking through the desert all by yourself. You can enjoy trekking through the desert and the plateaus. These trekking tours can give you an opportunity to see the wild animals of the desert.

In addition to these, there are desert safaris where you can engage in several other activities such as cycling, horseback riding, driving and fishing. You can even take a dip in the swimming pools of Dubai. You can enjoy your desert safari in Dubai at any time of the year. However, there are certain times when the weather in Dubai is very hot and you should avoid your desert safari during the summertime.

Dubai is one of the most visited places by people around the world. If you wish to have a desert safari in Dubai, you can plan your trip well in advance. There are many companies which offer desert safaris and you can select one that offers the best tour package to the fullest. You should not book your tour package in a hurry as the earlier you make your booking, the more will be the discounts available on the tour.

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