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custom pre-roll box

If you’re planning a launch of custom pre roll boxes, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before you order. Not all pre-roll boxes are created equal, and the quality of your packaging can play a pivotal role in whether people choose to attempt your product or not. For instance, if your pre-rolls fall all over the place when you pull them out of the box, they’ll likely be left untouched. To ensure that doesn’t happen to your product launch, here’s how to pick packaging that’s right for you.

1. The importance of the right custom pre-roll box

One of the most important aspects of podcasting is your pre-roll box. The pre-roll box is the first thing people see when they visit your website, and it’s the first thing they hear when they play the podcast. As such, it plays a critical part in your conversion metrics. In fact, according to HubSpot, based on 100 million podcasts listens, 52% of people listen to their shows within an hour of them being released. So, the pre-roll is, in many ways, the key to your podcast’s success.

The last thing you want to do is start your launch series with a false sense of security. Physical audits will help ensure your pre-rolls are crisp and eye-catching. Once you know what types of pre-rolls you’ll be using, finding the right one for you can feel tricky. The best option is to explore a variety of brands and formats and experiment with pre-rolls until you find the perfect thing. Regardless of which pre-roll you choose, it’s important to pick the right size and style.

After you’ve chosen which pre-roll type you consider to be best for your product launch, you’ll want to learn how your chosen brand is implementing the format. Choose another brand or listen to another brand’s pre-roll. Even if your criteria and requirements are different from someone else, you can always create a custom format for your podcast.

2. Things to consider when choosing pre-roll boxes

When choosing pre-roll boxes, there are two things you need to consider:

1) volume

2) size

You want to make sure that you choose a pre-roll box that’s big enough to hold the number of pre-rolls you’re going to be storing in it while still being small enough to be portable. If you decide to use a more ephemeral type of box like those found at Kinkos, you don’t necessarily want to make your pre-rolls so big that they’ll get jumbled once you open the box.

It is wise to make sure you have enough pre-rolls before launching before you actually start testing, but we’d suggest only having a few to start with. It can be scary or overwhelming deciding what to put on your website, but pulling pre-rolls out of your box without having them examined by your sales team may raise some red flags.

The main takeaway here is to be sure you have pre-rolls pre-packed, so you don’t end up with a pile on top of the pile on top of the pile with a sloppily nestled manipulative grey mix. When in doubt, drink a little coffee and ask a friend.

There are 4 noteworthy ways in which pre-rolls have been re-packaged in the past few years, and given the light and airless nature of the web, it’s surprising to see that they haven’t really evolved much in the same way. You guys are always the first to trot out the new shiny thing, but let’s put this myth to bed once and for all.

3. What are the specifications for your pre-roll boxes?

As a general rule, pre-roll boxes should be no bigger than their contents. All of the principal boxes (the Bible, flags, coalition envelopes, etc.) should be no larger than a deck of cards. If your product is actually pretty large (think Facebook ads), you can go larger, but be sure to keep this size in mind.

Second, the edges of the items that make up your pre-roll packaging should be smooth, and the backside should be clean and free of wrinkles or scuff marks. All the areas where the content intermingles with or encloses the paper should be kept smooth to the touch. The reason is simple: When you touch the outer layer of a pre-roll box, there’s friction, and wrinkles and dust bits get trapped in there. Clean, dust-free surfaces drastically improve the visual appeal of a pre-roll product.

Finally, pre-roll boxes should be double-walled and sealed. Double-walled packaging seals the item inside with multiple layers of protection. For instance, when people open up a deck of cards in a deck of cards case, they’ll realize they’re holding a pretty cool piece of art that wraps around the inner core of the deck. A double-walled box has an extra layer over the outermost one, which helps prevent sticky surfaces from causing problems while your products are being opened.

4. How to choose custom pre-roll boxes that last

Custom pre-roll boxes are a great way to give your brand more exposure and help you stand out on the shelves. Depending on how you use your pre-roll boxes, they can last anywhere from 3 months to a year. Pre-roll ads can also boost SEO by placing the content behind a call-to-action. To ensure your pre-roll ads are top-notch, you can check out these tips to minimize the effects of global ad network fraud.

By using the right pre-roll ads, you can easily produce hundreds of dollars’ worth of exposure for your brand. Typically, you will want to focus on three main areas for your pre-roll content: SEO, social proofing, and captive audience engagement. You can exclude particularly niche or unpopular topics that your potential audience would find irrelevant.

  1. Optimize your landing page with good old-fashioned SEO. None of the links in your uploaded landing page should point to external URLs or irrelevant pages on the web. That includes external websites containing affiliate links. I recommend excluding anything that contains the keyword “affiliate,” as those search engines will show it as a relevant keyword.
  2. Use your geotagging to optimize your ad relevance. Geotags can prove extremely helpful for optimized inserts into Google Search. By adding you’re geotagging in the description section of your web page, they will essentially indicate a user from a given location. Use common sense when choosing your web page’s templates, but keep it consistent. If you have to pick one template, stick to a two-word template.
  3. Include captions and call-to-action in your Google-optimized landing page. Anything that encourages users to take specific actions, like clicking an ad, is a good call to action. Use call-to-action text to get searchers to take the desired action. Sometimes, it’s beneficial to list three or four possible actions that searchers can take instead of spelling out all the options. Make sure to promote these calls-to-action throughout your ad content so that searchers have no trouble finding them.

5. How to get a perfect fit for your product with your custom box design

When you’re choosing what type of box to use for your products, it’s important that you’re getting the right fit for your product and its price point. Any gap in the wall between the stand or couch holder is likely to be noticed, and wasted space can have a negative impact on a shelf or stand.

On the other hand, if you’re opting for a standard box or a single, flat piece of cardboard, you outsource the decision to your poster. If you’ve decided your box will be a round hoop with foam pledge, use flyers to inform your poster of this. These will kindly explain any differences in dimensions.

If you like to go small and subtle, use newspapers to keep your launch image in front of consumers. Tie a string through the middle to keep the box closed.

If you want bigger and bolder branding, you can use a large canvas material. A woodgrain fabric would work well here. Wrap this material around the outside or the inside of the box to portray a larger and bolder design.

If you have an ongoing business, it’s a good idea to roll out your custom pre-rolls periodically so you don’t lose business. To do this, make a note of which products are currently offering pre-rolls on your site and schedule them to be released regularly throughout the year. For larger businesses or an email subscription service, this could be aimed at the end of each month.

A visual way to surface these product launches can be via a pop-up in the form of a banner or icon. If you have a major discount on a standard piece of cardboard, this probably doesn’t make the most sense. In this case, use flyers to inform consumers about why the item is undercutting a standard discount.


Picking the right custom pre-roll boxes will help you stand out in the market and also help keep your product safe during shipping. You can get the best custom pre-roll boxes at a wholesale rate from custom printing online service providers.

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