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custom cubed boxes

Custom Cube boxes and bags are very functional that ensures the protection of your products and the right materials and excellent add-ons will enhance the longevity of your merchandise packaging and keep your merchandise safe and complete from all forms of damages. These custom printed cube packagings are available at most of the wholesale and retail outlets. It is much better to go with custom printing rather than getting it done through the standard method of getting a label created on the outside of the cube box. The custom printed cubes are a great marketing tool to promote your products and services through the wholesale business sector. In the long run, this can prove to be a more effective way of reaching out to your customers through customized packaging and you can also ensure that your custom printed cubes are durable.

Designing and Printing

Designing and printing your own custom retail packaging window boxes has never been this easy. With the availability of various software programs that allow for simple design and printing functions, you can choose your own design and have it converted into an electronic file. Once your file is ready, you can get it printed in the required sizes. The printing of custom retail packaging window boxes can cater to all your specific needs as well. You can use full-color printing to make your boxes unique and eye-catching. You can also experiment with different colored printing to make them have a more sophisticated appeal to your customers.

Simple Guide for Creating Custom Printed Cubes

There are a few simple steps that you need to follow while creating custom printed cubes for your business or even for personal uses. First of all, you need to draw or sketch out the shape of the custom cube packaging that you want to produce. Next, you need to find high-quality paper that can support your cube packing needs. The quality of the paper will depend on its ability to adhere to the printing process and its overall durability.


In designing custom retail boxes, you need to take the time to think about the branding of your brand name. After all, if you are using custom product boxes, your brand name must be prominently displayed. Think about the name and the logo of the company and incorporate them into the design. It is not enough that you have a catchy brand name, but it must be clearly visible to the customer, especially to the end-user. To make your custom retail boxes really stand out, it is important that you design them with a custom blend of colors that is able to attractively display your brand name.


The finishing of the custom retail boxes will depend on the type of paper and the printing method that you use. If you want your printed cubes to appear elegant and stylish, you can consider inkjet bleeding and solvent-based printing processes. For a bright and vivid look, you can opt for UV coating or a quick-dry finish. In order to add more dimension to your cubes, you can opt for embossing, imprinting, die-cutting, and other farming techniques. You can even work with different textures and materials to create a unique appearance for your packaging.

Polyester Fiberfill Packaging

If you want your custom retail boxes to be sturdy and durable, you should consider polyester fiberfill packaging. This is an excellent option because it provides firm protection for your items and it also provides excellent cushioning for the finished product. To ensure that your handmade jewelry and wholesale apparel products reach their intended customers, you should consider using custom pillow boxes. Although these boxes may take a little more time to create, the added advantage of having a cushioning effect on your packaging will ensure that your goods remain safe and sound during shipping.

One of the best options for custom product boxes is using foam peanuts, which are completely bio-degradable. They have the same soft properties as traditional peanuts, making them ideal for use in a wide variety of packaging applications. Another material that can be used in custom product packaging is polystyrene, which is known for its fire-retardant properties. It is also very easy to clean and is highly resistant to heat.


When you are done designing and printing your custom retail cube packaging, you should always test the final product. There are many companies that offer a 100% money-back guarantee on their products, so you can feel confident that you are working with a reliable and reputable company. Always make sure that you ask about all of the details, including color selections, foam choices, and the box style. With a little bit of careful shopping, you can find the perfect custom product boxes for your unique products. For more information, contact one of the many fulfillment companies CBM, that specializes in custom product packaging.

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