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condolence flower

Sharing is the other name of care it truly teaches us that we must think about others and their needs; either it’s the sharing of things or words. Same like this when a person is in deep grief he needs consoling, at that time this consoling work like a healing agent, as it affects people in a great way and they feel better and simply when a person feels good he most likely does something good for you.

Condolence flowers or messages do the same work at the time of grief for the family. Sympathy or condolence flowers normally the floral arrangements that are prepared by a florist and if attached a condolence message with flowers then it’s a beautiful way to express how much you care during this difficult time.

Sending flowers or sharing a thoughtful memory will make your message especially meaningful. Losing your loved ones is the most difficult experience in life, so at that time to help or expressing your condolence and making them feel loved as a friend or family member is a great effort.

Condolence Flowers Has Long Been A Sympathy Expression

A person who has passed with dignity and respects your condolence for his\her family is a great honor at that time. Sending sympathy flowers is a heartfelt way to let someone know that he is in your thoughts at this difficult time. Sometimes a person lost his words when he is passing from such a condition and at this time stunning flowers or sympathy bouquet helps you to express in a better way.

Condolence Flowers at Mourn or Funeral

The flowers arrangement matters a lot and the entire florist can organize your flowers in baskets, vases, and in your desired way. Here are some specific flowers that are used for condolence bouquet:

White Roses

White roses express the young death, innocence, and youth and it also shows admiration for the person who has no more. No doubt that white flowers have different meanings in different countries but still white roses consider the best condolence flowers.

Daffodils and Tulips

By sending this flower to mean you are sending encouragement and hope during this tough time. This flower considers the best one at this time these bouquets uplifting your mood and healing your memories when sent directly to the family.


It is also a funeral flower that is mostly presented in a potted form sending a potted hydrangea is a good option when you want that family to have continued support and sympathy. These flowers will bloom for years.


To portray the strength and character in life then Gladioli is an excellent choice for the family. As a condolence flower, it messages power and courage during a time of loss and brings brightness and hope in life to pass this difficult time.


In some countries like Asia, China, Japan, and Korea, chrysanthemums deem a mourning flower that symbolizes sorrow and grief. In European countries, mums are considered the best or appropriate flower for funerals.


Lilies regard as the most traditional condolence flower, as white lilies consider a faithful based or religious services flower. White lilies are mostly used in the memory of their loved ones. White color is a good color and it always symbolizes peace and tranquility.


These flowers are deeming the sympathy flower and its fragrance is long-lasting, and it is ideal for the last several days. White carnation is a sign of innocence and purity and it expresses the thought of remembrance, pink carnation is also too much used as funeral flowers or bouquets.

Different Condolence Messages

Here are some of the top famous condolence messages especially at the funeral of your spouse or your beloved partner.

  • Even though you are no more, but your love will always continue
  • Your loving marriage was an ideal or inspiration to me
  • So sorry to hear your loss
  • When you looked at each other than for me that love was memorable
  • Must remember the true love story ever and ever

When a person lost his parents then many consoling words help you at that moment like:

  • The precious childhood memories and the was truly unforgettable
  • Parents are the most incredible persons in life
  • No one can handle this tragic loss or painful moment, but God gives the courage and strength to bear this incident
  • Dear parents my thoughts and prayers are always for you and can’t forget this painful moment

Some most popular sympathy prayers and quotes at mourning time:

  • The relationship never dies as death ends a life
  • You will always live in the memory of people
  • Always remembering you and live alive in thoughts
  • Words never console the loss and hurt your feeling but are hopeful to meet at last in Jinnah

Ordering Flowers for Delivery

If you are not at the place of death or far from the country then sympathy flowers with a message of condolence must lessen the pain of your loved one who is suffering from this unbearable grief. The freshest flowers that are prepared by the expert florist can be conveniently ordered online and sent in a box of gifts to the mourning family or friends.

Chosen Words Carefully for Sympathy

To message at a funeral are rarely easy but you must be careful about the selection of words.  Sometimes it happened that you can’t explain the words properly as you are also passing with the same condition so it’s difficult to choose the proper words and at this time the sympathy flowers with a heart-touching message will cover the situation.

Condolence flowers message is a traditional way of expressing condolence in times of mourning.

  • Always live alive in our thoughts
  • May Allah bless you and your soul relax in harmony and peace
  • May live in my heart
  • Always thinking of you
  • With condolence sorely missed you ever and ever

Maybe your sympathy flowers with messages diminish the soreness and discomfort of the bereavement family.

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