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car rental mobile app development

It’s needless to say that 6 out of 10 business segments having a mobile app for the services or products they provide. That’s why nowadays; the mobile app’s development and usage aren’t just restricted to eCommerce stores, coffee shops, or salons.

Today the mobile app development companies/agencies are enclosing their services to a big industrial landscape.

All SMEs are seeking to have a mobile app and one such segment name tinted at present days with the mobile app is the non-electric and electric vehicle rental business.

Yes, lavishness has become an important element for all of us living in this world. Because of this fact, many of us take the cars on rent either for attending any personal or professional gathering or for accomplishing their vacation aim.

Because of the high rise in the demand for car rental services, mobile app development in this segment has got great acceleration. Therefore the car rental services are continually seeking a trustworthy car rental app development service provider.

Trending business models of the car rental app

Since the automotive industry is thriving, the range of opportunities itself attracts business competition throughout the world. As a result, the entrepreneurs have figured out various business models to stand out in the competitive field to get the biggest market share.

Car rental apps revenue model

The electric vehicle rental services are offering cars and all other luxuries to its users. There’s a reason why this business assists the service providers in producing excellent revenue and work efficiently without letting any worries to bother the revenue model. Here are the revenue sources-

1- Commission-based- In commission-based, the vehicle owners get the platform under the car service apps, and they get the money based upon every booking. A certain sum from the earnings goes to the mobile app development services. Another choice available under this one is, the vehicle owners can give their vehicle to the drivers who receive bookings and drive it all across the town.

2- Car fleet on own- This requires the service provider to set up the business with an excellent investment deal. The company needs to purchase the car and must assign it to the drivers. They are being paid the base fare that is given to the customers. The drivers are paid monthly or based upon the service offered.

Car rentals – Types

The car rental mobile app caters to the needs of users in a large proportion. Just have a look at different sorts of car rental mobile apps present in the market-

1- Local car rentals- This one provides cars on an hourly basis, a half-day/full-day basis. Also, it is inclusive of the pickups and drops off at the airport.

2- Self-driven car rentals- In this category, users are booking the car on rent and then drive themselves and are charged based upon the chosen car number of hours the car remains with him.

3- Outstation car services- This one manages the booking related to travels to the other towns or states. It permits them to book the vehicle for a longer duration.

4- Corporate car rentals-This service provides comforts to the business clientele by providing their vehicles for official purposes.

Key features

User Panel

1- Simple log in- It’s the first section where the user will land on upon. A user can sign in to the app via email or social network information.

2- Multiple car types- A user can choose the car that he wants.

3- Book now- Owing any urgency or any critical requirements, it permits user booking vehicles for rent faster with no delays.

4- Schedule booking- Accordingly, a user can choose the car with basic details like color, number, and can schedule its booking.

5- Fare calculator- According to the distance that needs to be traveled, the user can calculate the subsequent KM ranges and calculate the fare.

6- Manage bookings- A user can manage its booking confirmed with the time span charted and can keep a record of the upcoming booking.

7- Tracking and security- A user can track the location and share it with others in real-time.

Admin panel

1- Car management- Admin can update cars and information with user allocation details and optimize overall car management.

2- Customer management- Users associated with the car rental mobile app are monitored and stored under this.

3- Payment manager- All payment details, commission amounts, etc. are managed and stored for making the fair transaction system.

4- Manage charges-The fare structure, renting cost, and on-demand cost for certain locations or the navigation routes are planned and managed by the admin.

Advanced car rental app development features

1- Assign drivers- It allows the user to book drivers via a car app. They can choose an individual as their driver after growing through reviews. It’s available usually in case of a long ride.

2- Interactive stats- The car rental app provides access to the actual base fare with other information such as time rates, distance, fixed packages, etc.

3- GPS tracking- It not only ensures safety; in fact, it has made business run flexibly. Users can acquire the driver’s location and assist in navigating the pickup point. A real-time location can be too shared.

Mobile app development- cost estimations

Let’s discuss the immaculate Mobile app development costs. Based on the app usage and required features to be added, the car rental mobile app’s cost is figured out. A sophisticated and robust car rental will go through the below process-

  1. The design-50-80hours
  2. API development- 90-120 hours
  3. User panel development-300-400 hours for every platform
  4. Admin panel- 130-190 hours

Nearly it will cost $12000 to $15000 for creating a salient app covered with the features mentioned above. Developing a fully proficient application with all superior features and sound technical considerations will cost a bit more.

Why is EV widely used for rentals?

EV or electric vehicle holds many good benefits over diesel or petrol cars. It’s cheaper to run EV vehicles, easier to maintain, create less noise, promise less pollution, and reduced harmful exhausts promise good health. The popularly used electric car models are- Tesla Model X, Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Bolt, Tesla Model S, etc.

Ending point

So that’s all about car rental mobile app development. Remember that overall development cost is based upon features, and it cannot be estimated easily. There are many more features found other than those listed above. The cost may go higher or maybe lesser based upon the advanced features and its functionality.

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