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Are you planning to start a business and want to get feedback on the current market structure? The best way to do this is by conducting a poll for the categories you wish for. To conduct a poll, all you need to do is downloading a polling app on your smartphone and get going.

Polling apps offer intrusive opportunities for collecting feedback from customers, employees, and the people in the market whose opinions are meaningful, especially if you are thinking of commencing a business. Apps like these could be used for communication at the time of delivery, while giving a presentation in a corporate meeting, from your blog readers, etc. Let us discuss the importance of polling apps vastly now.

Importance of polling apps

Polling has numerous advantages. Some of them are,

  • It helps in initiating conversation and knowing the mindset of your potential customers
  • An easy, fast, and effective process of collecting feedback
  • It measures customers’ satisfaction to the fullest
  • Helps in getting innovative ideas via market survey
  • Collects demographic information
  • Capture market research
  • Collects RSVP and contact information

Now, when you are aware of the significance of polling apps. Here are the five most popular polling apps for smartphones that are used extensively.

Poll Everywhere

This is the first polling app on our list. The app is used by voters for analysis of different things. Initially, this app was developed keeping in mind the live audience polling.

With Poll Everywhere, you can create an attendance poll with all students in the class. Once the poll is created, the students will then use the app or widget to mark their attendance in a whole new manner.

Not only for schools, but the app can also be used for the official purpose, especially for board meetings. While in the board meetings, the app can be used for collecting opinions on the presentation before falling to a decision, and the audience can view results in real-time. Poll Everywhere is free to download for both Android and iOS platforms.


Designed by HS Technology Developments Ltd, the QIT app is widely used in the middle-east for effectively conducting polls and surveys.

QIT gives personalized options for creating interactive polls and post a question anonymously and get related answers with ease. Some of the prominent features of using the QIT app includes,

  • Location-specific question posting
  • A wide range of social media connectivity
  • The statistics generated are eye-catchy and colorful
  • The app offers a chat option to have a direct conversation with people in different categories
  • The question isn’t only text-based, but they can be in the form of images and videos as well
  • The new update of the app also offers the Arabic language

The app is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms for free.

Smart Poll

Third, on the list is Smart Poll. This polling app has taken the idea of social polls to a whole new level. Here, you can create a profile, and your friends can follow you to receive updates and notifications about your poll.

Once you are done with creating accounts, creating new polls is a whole lot easier, and you ask your circle what they think about a particular thing. You can also limit the poll to private, which means your poll will be visible to people who are following you, and the participants can comment as well. The Smart Poll app is exclusively compatible with the Android platform.


Pollpop is a string social media polling app that has gained popularity in a limited period of time. The app focuses on collecting options and votes on queries that you are comfortable sharing with the world. Besides, you can also vote or share your own opinions on other polls.

One of the most prominent things about Pollpop is that it has the ability to view results and sort them by location, gender, and age groups. You can also create a group and add friends to it for private polling.

Some of the prominent features of the app include social polling, group polling, comments system, WhatsApp integration, etc. The app is available for free download on both Android and iOS platforms.


The final listing in our compilation is SurveyMonkey. The app is capable of conducting both polls and surveys and generate data. These two things often go hand in hand, and SurveyMonkey is best at conducting both these things.

SurveyMonkey helps in designing polls and surveys differently. They have a wide range of templates to choose from for creating polls and surveys. The application is free for both Android and iOS users. However, its plans begin at $37 per month.

Time to wrap up: The significance of polling apps always counts in every marketing need. Market research and customer feedback are among the most intrusive components that determine the success of your product.

So go ahead and use any of the aforementioned polling apps and give your business a whole new direction.

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