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buy bitcoin

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that can be used for digital transactions or exchanged as inventories or shares. It would help if you used a bitcoin exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Best places to buy bitcoin

The most stable, cost-efficient, simple to execute, easy to use, and accept a range of financial sources are the best crypto-currency swaps. This is our alternative to buy bitcoin at the right locations.

Best places to buy bitcoin?

1. Coinbase:


If you’re new to the Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies community, Coinbase is a great starting point because it supports various common cryptocurrencies, a good safety record, and fair fees.

  • A respected American leader with a comparatively long business record and over 35 million confirmed users;
  • Fair charges and help for several common currencies
  • Most user resource stored in secure cold storage
  • Extended price charges mean that massive purchases will attract high charges
  • Strong purchase charge for debit card

Coinbase is a massive San Francisco based crypto-monetary wallet supplier and exchange. It is a standard option for cryptocurrency fans, investors, and traders and boasts over 35 million users in 100 countries. Coinbase says that it owns more than US$ 25 billion in reserves and has supported more than US$ 320 billion in trade.

Coinbase charges several charges that it announces at the outset of a contract. Both include a flat rate and a spread of around 0.50 percent per purchase. Fees differ according to the lending process of buying a debit card up to 3.99 percent. Serious users may be interested in upgrading to Coinbase Pro using their price model.

Coinbase ensures high protection through two-factor authentication and offline storage, through Coinbase Vaults for the vast majority of consumer assets.

2. Etoro:


Thanks to an easy to use the app and comfortable account that allows you to search on buying bitcoin without fear of real funds, eToro is our choice for newcomers.

  • A convenient online site for Bitcoin beginners
  • $100,000 in simulated currency free practice accounts
  • Framework for copy trading to learn from other users
  • 75% spread fee and higher fee in other currencies for buying bitcoin

If you are looking for a comfortable forum to buy bitcoin while learning about the crisis currency ecosystem, eToro could be the right answer for you. New to Bitcoin would like the quick and fast platform and CopyTrader framework to imitate trades on the market by others.

When you enroll, you are free to search the water for a $100,000 Virtual Account. You will enter a live exchange of real dollars until you are relaxed. Note the spread price of 0.75 percent for bitcoin and raised charges for other currencies.

3. Robinhood:


Thanks to commission-free bitcoin trades, Robinhood is our option for rate.

  • No charge to purchase or sell bitcoin
  • Platform pretty much like stock trading
  • List of currencies funded
  • No way to withdraw bitcoin from a crypto wallet

You give away a considerable part of the future bitcoin profits right from the start, charge rates of 0.5 percent or more to buy and hold. Robinhood is best known as a commission-free warehouse, but you can purchase and sell Bitcoin with no fees. If you still have a certain amount of experience with stock market trading, it’s a perk to buying cryptocurrencies with Robinhood.

Technically, Robinhood Crypto is a different account that you use next to your Robinhood stock. It supports a comparatively small currency list, but many buyers of bitcoin might do it well.

4. Coinmama:


We choose Coinmama because it makes immediate buy of Bitcoin with various payment options and high caps.

  • Shipping immediately
  • Bitcoin supplied to a wallet
  • Quick account establishment and several options for funding
  • Complex charging structure
  • Instant shipping and an extra 5 percent charge
  • No bank transactions support for ACH

You would be better to prefer CoinMama if you want to own bitcoin at the earliest opportunity and have a bitcoin wallet. Coinmama has a brief account configuration and authentication. When logged in, you can automatically buy Bitcoin with many payment methods; even with such instant buying rights, there can be quite a high price tag.

You may purchase either of the nine different currencies with a credit or debit card. When you place an order, your linked Coinmama card verifies the funds immediately, so the cryptocurrency you select is put in your crypto wallet.

Hopefully, the US would introduce ACH payments as a finance mechanism, even though it does not allow immediate transactions with this funding method due to electronic transfers in the US. But if the credit or debit card is eligible and the payments are impossible, Coinmama lets you immediately buy coins with a Bitcoin wallet.

5. Block fi:


We have selected BlockFi as a bankable asset with options of crediting with bitcoin as collateral and credit for earning interest.

  • Deposit crypto into an account with interest payments of up to APY 8.6 percent
  • You are using your precious bitcoin to secure a US Dollar loan.
  • No extra costs for trading in cryptocurrencies
  • BlockFi promotes the use of investment loan proceeds, a risky practice
  • Interest lending rates up to 9.75%

You can know about BlockFi if you have a lot of bitcoin and want to do more without selling it. You can also use current Bitcoin as the collateral to a loan, but remember the rates of 4.5 to 9.75 percent and the mandatory 2 percent originating charge. If you wish to unlock your Bitcoin without selling, you may pay interest on your account by depositing your bitcoin. You will purchase and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without any extra commercial costs.

Early adopters of the bandwagon of cryptocurrencies or large shares will earn serious interest at up to 8.6% APY (January 2021). BlockFi now has a new credit card reward, which pays you a lot of creativity from this remarkable crypto exchange in bitcoin.

6. Bisq:


We like the decentralized features of Bisq, which enhance privacy and confidentiality in purchasing and marketing Bitcoin using an open-source desktop application.

  • The decentralized peer-to-peer network strengthens private security
  • Purchasing and distributing software is open source
  • No mandatory registration.
  • Slow transaction potential
  • Not great for successful companies

Bisq will be what you are searching for those attracted to the privacy offered by bitcoin. Bisq is a decentralized exchange that needs no registration or account. That means that Bisq can be used for almost total privacy buying and selling. The desktop program Bisq is open source and available for free use.

Bisq accepts several different payment methods, including payments from the bank to Chase QuickPay, Popmoney, Zelle, and Western Union.

Commercial fees vary from 0.05% and 0.70% based on what you do and who you pay.

Bisq is suitable for someone with at least some background in cryptography.

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