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The person typically spends 4 hours a day on mobile phones, and about 90% of this is utilized in using apps. So why not turn your senseless scrolling into raw, hard cash? We turned up our idealmoney-making apps, from apps that benefit you make cashback on online buying to those that pay you for your ideas, to those that will spend your spare change for you. Even apps that will repay you to operate. Yes, read the whole article to know the best money-making apps for your welfare.


Also a prominent browser addition for those on a desktop computer, Ebates has a solid money-making app. With this app, you can use in-store cards, browse items as you compare prices, and perhaps its notable trait of earning cash back on certain retailers’ buying.

Once you download and begin using the app, you will earn a set ratio of cashback when you buy Ebates’ list of 2,500-plus available stores. At the same time, cashback is generally between 1 to 2%. We have made as much as 10%. You will also get way to in-store cards and other benefits. Ebates even relates coupons for you, so you can be confident you are receiving the very most desirable deal.


Suppose you prefer to shop and often find yourself at your ideal retail target scanning the paths. Shopkick is a vast money-making tool. Though Shopkick pays only by gift cards, keep it in your mind.

Earning money with Shopkick is simple. You download the app, then join in one of eight activities like walk into the store, no buying needed, scan barcodes of select products, buy items at an available store with your Shopkick-linked card, and much more options are there for you to explore.


ibotta is another great cash back app, and you have three choices to make money using it. Upload your letter to the app when you buy suitable items. Link a store duty card before you shop to get a path to special offers, or make buying at proper stores via the ibotta app.

With ibotta, you will have to finish tasks in the app to enter its money-saving tools, which can be detrimental, relying on how much free time you have. You will also have to upload receipts by yourself, and there are only about 300 available stores.


Great for seeking photographers and videographers. Foap is a money making app that makes it easy to trade your photos and videos. Install the app, then upload your pictures and videos to your online portfolio.

If your work is bought by a company, brand, or any other user on Foap, then you will get paid. But you will distribute the profits with Foap 50/50. So, if Foap is selling a photo for $10, you will make $5. But one picture can trade more than once, which is the most plus point of this app. You can also offer photos to a different project for the opportunity to be paid hundreds for your image.


If you like to be a bit more spent on your money making app, try Acorns. Install the Robo-investing app and connect your bank account. With each buying, Acorns will turn up to the next dollar. It will itself invest your extra change into a case of ETFs, which are varied across 7,000-plus stocks and bonds. You can also sign up for returning purchases with Acorns, so you spend just a few dollars per day and see your portfolio growing better.

Acorns even has a table of Found Money partners that are more than 350. It lets users spend a portion of their marketing when they shop with directing brands.

Google Opinion Rewards

Orthodox readers, this app is for you. Upheld by the world’s most famous search engine, Google Opinion Rewards is a special must-download for those seeing to profit from their smartphone habit and get paid for being outspoken.

Download the reviews app and complete short reviews on everything from hotels to TV shows to retailers whenever you have free time.


The other paid survey money making app, iPoll, is a bit less technologically shrewd than its Google analog. Download the app and give some personal data to get begun. Then complete tasks, such as visiting a store and clicking a photo or examining a product. Or, be warned of new surveys the time they hit the airwaves.

Once you are done with your tasks or surveys, go to to cash out. However, you do not get cash. Instead, you earn prizes like gift cards, airline miles, and the like. But if you are a big buyer of regular fliers, it just may be deserving.


Therefore, these top money making apps were taken based on the characteristics and options they give. How they benefit you make money, the business background and honor, and when and how you get paid, it can be cash or gift cards. I hope you enjoyed reading and might be excited to use these apps and earn money in a short time.

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