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real estate investment

The emirate has an excessive supply in its real estate inventory, making it easier for buyers to venture into the real estate market or expand their portfolio. While this also brings down the property prices around the city, it also gives you a plethora of options to choose from.

When it comes to the emirate’s localities, it’s difficult to decide which one to narrow down for your venture. After all, every residential and commercial area is teeming with attractions and amenities. Given the increasing population of the emirate, it’s also likely that none of these properties will be left vacant. However, from an investor’s point of view, getting quick and high rental yields is imperative.

So, let’s dive right into the list of top areas you should check out for your real estate investment:

Dubai Marina

Still reigning on top as the most demanded area in Dubai, the Marina is an exotic neighborhood that appeals to all. It offers landmark attractions such as the world’s biggest mall as well as surrounding commercial infrastructure paving the way for offices, businesses, retailers and more to settle in.

The residences in Dubai Marina are mostly waterfront and beachfront, including top-tier off-plan projects that are under completion. Needless to say, when it comes to getting a killer deal, buying off-plan in Dubai Marina is certainly an opportunity.

Your investment in Dubai Marina is safe, largely due to the fact that the area attracts a lot of attention. Almost all the tourist population visits the Marina and more often than not, people try to look for a place to stay here as well.

Dubai South

For those who are anticipating the Expo-2020 event for their investment venture, Dubai South is the ideal location. Not only are there residential neighborhoods and complexes being developed at a quick pace, but a lot of commercial hubs are popping up on the map as well. You can find various outlets, retailers, nearby malls and shops along with eateries and restaurants opening up around the area.

With new projects in the pipeline, the area’s infrastructure is planned to evolve at an unprecedented rate. Moreover, the housing amenities being provided in the area are at par with those offered anywhere else in the emirate.

Palm Jumeirah

The pride and joy of the emirate and the eighth wonder of the world, Palm Jumeirah is perhaps the best location in Dubai. While the rates of the properties are sufficient to declare it a society for those who come of wealth, investing in this area is certainly a challenge. That’s because firstly, you need a lot of capital to begin investing even in the smallest property configuration. Secondly, while it’s not every day that tenants would be coming in, it’s crucial to note that deals in Palm Jumeirah make the news.

For example, recently, a luxury villa in Palm Jumeirah was rented out for AED 1.65 million. While this isn’t an average tenant or an average property, it’s certainly nothing compared to the full glory of the man-made archipelago. There are more residences in the area that guarantee the most opulent and comfortable lifestyle anyone can imagine.

Business Bay

Dubai’s commercial hub that nestles thousands of offices and businesses, Business Bay is another important location to target. Whether you’re in the market for commercial real estate or residential, you’ll definitely find various options in this area.

Although, as the name suggests, it’s an ideal area for corporations, businesses, retailers etc., there are various configurations of residential properties as well. Employees that work in the Business Bay area need a place for themselves and their families. This community provides not just accessibility and close proximity to their workplace, but it also offers a comfortable lifestyle surrounded by the emirate’s luxurious amenities.

Dubai Internet City

The governing body of the emirate has planned this area to be the UAE’s equivalent to Silicon Valley. However, before all the businesses of the niche settle and prosper, the area is open to cheap real estate options. Whether you’re a buyer or a tenant looking for rental options, this is the place that will satisfy both.

Dubai Internet City is connected to the main city and offers everything residents can need. While it offers comfortable and cozy spaces for bachelors, there are bigger configurations that appeal to families as well.

Although these are some, you can find other areas of Dubai that are offering an amazing deal. Keep in mind that your investment should be done after proper research. Also, you should prepare yourself if you’re not the patient type because real estate investments require patience. 

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