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living room rug ideas

To live in a good space is very important to be physically and mentally fit. So we must add good elements in the house which enhance positivity all over the space. One of the elements that can enrich a house’s beauty is living room carpets.

room carpets

Rugs are moveable floor coverings that provide comfort, warmth and decorative interest in an area of the house. People purchase them because they are affordable and make the space comfortable. Following are the best living room rug ideas that you can implement.

  • A vintage rug- In recent years, we have noticed that older or vintage things are getting highlighted again, and the same goes for the rugs. A vintage rug is used to complement the modern house. These add vibrant colourscolors to the living room and give a new lease of life to an aged carpet. With a good texture and pattern, they easily enhance the house’s decorating style. By using this rug, we are also preserving these traditional items for our future generations and doing a sustainable practice. A vintage rug with a modern interior is always the best blend.
  • Rugs to coordinate living and dining room style- We find open spaces between the living room and the dining area in many houses. So, it would be a great idea to blend the space between both the rooms by using a rug, and it will give a unique look to your space. The rug could be selected according to the color of the walls because the color is the easiest option. If you want something more to highlight, a good textured one can be used by coordinating with the other elements.
  • Choose trending designs- A rug can give a good statement to your room if chosen properly. You can color coordinate your rug with your wallpaper. Nowadays, many people buy customized rugs like their favorite series or pets or according to their room decor. These trendy pieces give a different effect to your room. According to your taste and preference, you can consider buying customized rugs. These style statements change the way people look at the interior of the house.

trending designs

  • Artwork- You can always go for an artwork rug. People who have simple interiors or don’t have one color for their whole house or room should try artwork carpets. The blurred artwork carpets will add color to the room. If you don’t have any trendy or colorful wallpaper, don’t worry; you should add artwork carpet. Artwork inspired by nature, color, shapes, faces, lines and much more can be added to your living room. Artistic artwork on a rug can add effects to your decor, making it a statement rug.
  • Choose bold designs- The carpet of each room can be matched with the decor of the room. You will have a variety of carpets in your house. You can also play with patterns and bold designs. Bold designs make your house look playful. The aesthetics of your house can be matched with it. Bold designs on rugs can be of different shapes or colors.

Final Words

You need to select a rug that suits the room. The size also matters. Decor has many elements, and the rug is also a part of it. You can buy rugs made with natural materials or recycled materials; it will be an eco-friendly touch to your house. While selecting it, check with the color and decor. Investing in a rug is worth it as it has a long lifespan.

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