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best gravity based water purifier

Clean drinking water is required for durability. There are many cities in our people that do not have a way to clean water and power. This is why the best gravity based water purifier that works outdoors electricity is a protector.

With so many opportunities from various brands and at various prices, you might be worried about which one to pick. Do not worry because we have you included!

We have done the analysis and mentioned everything essential that will help you choose the right gravity-based water purifier.

This section covers the list of the most traditional gravity-based water purifiers (Non-Electric), their benefits, a comparison of the types of non-electric water purifiers, and explains who should get the non-electric water purifiers & extra faq’s.

5. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amrit Water Purifier

This is the best gravity based water purifier from Eureka Forbes has a quantity of 20 liters which lasts through the day for a couple.

Its definite charge technology transfers the water through a twisted mesh that has stubbornly charged nanofibers. This method removes all types of phages, bacteria, microbial contaminants, and cyst.

It is smart looking and adds a touch of magic to your kitchen. It has a 1500 liters cartridge life that lasts for 4 months contributing clean water to a family of 4.

It has an automated shut off which means that the water movement stops when the cartridge needs to be changed.

The water purifier’s body is manufactured using a gift-quality food-grade non-toxic substitute, which is super strong. It comes with an instruction manual that helps you quickly install the purifier.

4. KENT Gold Optima Gravity Based Non-electric Best Water Purifier

Kent is a popular spring purifier brand in Indian homes. This non-electric water purifier is one of its best products for those who face electricity changes.

This gravity-based water purifier is based on ultrafiltration technology to provide you clean drinking water.

The cartridge has a hollow fiber hydrophilic membrane that has an opportunity of 0.1 microns to make sure no bacteria or micro-organisms pass by it. This assures 100% clean and microbe-free water externally joining any chemicals to it like iodine, bromine, and chlorine.

This water purifier is also fitting for tap and public water under TDS. Its tabletop device having a room volume of 10 liters is suitable for a small family. You get 5 liters of purified water at a rhythm and the remaining 5 liters are put in the raw tank above.

The awaited life of the UF membrane is 4000 liters which normally lasts for 4 months for a small family, eventually, it depends on the usage.

3. Tata Swach Non-Electric Smart 15-Litre Best Gravity Based Water Purifier

This non-electric smart and best gravity based water purifier from Tata Swach has a total volume of 15 liters and a room capacity of 7.5 liters.

It can lift 1 crore viruses and 100 crore bacteria from water, giving it cleaned to drink. The purifier uses silver nano-technology to kill bacteria and viruses completely without power and operating water.

A single cartridge has a purification function of 1500 liters which normally lasts for about 4 months for a relationship. It does not use any elements to purify the water.

It has a transparent body made with strong and high-quality plastic. It is super manageable to install with just a one-step method. Its auto shut off device notifies you when you need to replace the cartridge.

2. TTK Prestige Tattva 2.0 copper 16-Liter Water Purifier

As we all know the various health advantages of copper, how about making the same benefits with a water purifier?

This is a one of its kind copper water purifier which can filter around 10 liters of water each hour. The filter kills 99.99% bacteria and waterborne infections, inventing the water fit for drinking.

The best part is that it does not use any elements and power to filter the water and thus ideal for areas where there are power changes.

The copper storage vessel has a capacity of 16 liters and the forward FACT filters have a greater potential to hold dirt and also last longer.

The water purifier has a warehouse space of 16 liters, 8 liters in the copper vessel, and 8 liters in the box above it.

1. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Xtra Tuff Best Gravity Based Water Purifier

This compact unit does not need any power or moving water to give you pure drinking water. The outer body of the water purifier is manufactured using high-quality durable plastic that assures longevity.

It has a float technology that preserves overflow and leakage. This water purifier is perfect for TDS of up to 300 and for public water only.

The purifier automatically changes off when the lower area container gets full to avoid redundancy and leakage. The brand suggests you not to fill water on the top box when the below box is full as it can create leakage.

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