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While we all need some extra cash, it’s never easy to find ways of making real money during our free time. Furthermore, some side hustles can get frustrating if the input doesn’t pay off as much. But what if you can start earning real and legitimate money from playing games online? Currently, many game apps let you earn money by simply playing online games. Even though playing on these Apps won’t substitute your regular job, you can earn as much as you get when gaming for real money on Indian ruby website. Let’s find out more about these Apps.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks provides you with some of the easiest ways to make money online. These include watching free videos, filling out surveys, and eating at specific restaurants. The App rewards obtained from engaging in any of the outlined activities are popularly referred to as “Swagbucks”. You can redeem them to win money and gift cards.

Playing games on this App will also let you make easy money at the comfort of your couch. With a daily limit of Swagbucks to be earned, you can play popular games such as Swagasaurus Run as many times as you want to attain the maximum Swagbucks.

To make the whole playing experience entertaining, the App also provides player-vs-player competitions with cash prizes at stake.  But you’ll have to part way with some entry fee to enter these competitions. The player vs. player competitions are governed by the gambling rules used in most online casinos like Mr bet casino.

2. Lucktastic

When gaming on this App, the first thing you’ll come across is a chance to swipe digital scratch cards for real money rewards. This offer is available every day with many cash prizes, in-app rewards, and gift cards up for grabs.

If you win a cash reward, you’ll have many payment options to consider. These include digital gift card rewards, paychecks, or common visa gift cards. Playing a single scratch card game each day grants you a chance to the ever-available bonus reward.  Players with Android or Apple devices are the only ones eligible to make money playing on this App.

3. MyPoints

You can play games, take surveys, and watch videos to earn some extra cash on this App. What’s exciting about the App is that you can immediately fill out its surveys or poll questions and cash out your money reward. You don’t have to spend your money for sign-ups or registrations to start earning on MyPoints App. All you need is to download the App on your Android or IOS device and sign up for more games. Every money earnings you make on this App go to your PayPal account. Alternatively, you can convert it to gift cards.

Other rewards on this App include the points and coupons earned when you shop online with partnered retailer stores. The earned points can be converted to airline miles on the United MileagePlus and save money on your next flight ticket to one of the world’s leading destinations.

4. Mistplay

Mistplay is more of a loyalty program App, and it truly defines how you can make easy money playing games online. When on this App, you can only earn money depending on the cumulative time you spend playing video games. For every 1,500 points accumulated in earnings, you’ll get $5 in reward money.

Similarly, you don’t have to worry about your game preferences as the App pre-selects games according to your gaming habits. This means you’ll have an enjoyable time playing your favorite games while making money out of it. Besides playing games, Mistplay also rewards you for downloading and testing the games. If you are not an android user, you may miss out on the chance to make easy money on this App.

5. InboxDollars

InboxDollar App also provides you with a great selection of free and paid games to play for real money. You have more than 30 games’ selection, including the familiar ones such as Sudoku, chase, and card games.

The App also pays you real money when you complete the posted surveys, use the InboxDollars toolbar on the web, and watch the free videos. Using the InboxDollar toolbar alone lets you earn $1 as reward money. Regardless of what you choose to do on the App, the average amount of money you’ll earn on each activity range from 25 cents to $5.

6. Long Game

The long game App is quite different from the other Apps on this list. Besides offering you a chance to make money by playing your favorite games, you can also earn extra cash as interest on your account savings. The App has a checking and savings account that’s similar to the bank accounts. This means your game winnings are all deposited in your account. You can decide to withdraw your money earnings or let it grow by accumulating interest.

The App also rewards you if you exhibit an excellent savings culture. That is, the more money you save, the more gaming coins you earn. Having more coins means you enjoy greater access to sweepstakes and games.

Long Game only differs from other game Apps because you have to pay first for you to play. Essentially, you’ll enjoy free games within 30 days of registration. When this time expires, you’ll be charged some money depending on the games you want to play.

Final Thought

Gone are the days when game Apps were fun ways to pass the time. Today, you can play all your favorite games while making some money in the process. With plenty of Apps now available on the internet, you can now choose which one pays you real money fast to supplement your income sources.

Have you already earned playing games on these free Apps? Please give us your experience by leaving feedback below.

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