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best home décor ideas

Today, most people are just in their homes because of the travel restrictions and social distancing measures enforced due to the quarantine. If you plan to go outside, you should make sure that you wear a mask and wash your hands to ensure that you and your family are safe from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Because of the pandemic, many homeowners try to spice up their home because there is nothing else to do. Some people try to have a new hobby to kill their time or improve themselves, while others try to binge-watch every series they missed before the quarantine. Other people try to call their roofing contractor or start design their home for the better.

Here are some of the improvements that you can have at your home.

Build a garden

Some people want to build a garden during this pandemic. There is nothing terrible in building a garden during this time because it can be an excellent pastime while also adding greater value to your home. Not only will a garden improve the overall look of your front or backyard, but it can also give you a fresh aroma that can be smelled outside.

You can grow any plant you want in your garden from flowers, succulents, or even fruit-bearing plants if you have the right knowledge to do so. Before deciding to park, you should research the plants you want to plant to grow in the garden to be healthy and alive.

Rearrange your books

Bookshelves are a great addition to your living room as it can bring an ambiance like no other. It is common to have old books that we refuse to discard. Others kept in boxes, and some more semi-arranged on shelves. You can buy new frames and organize your books according to genre, size, alphabetical order, or even color.

If you have an office space in your house, a library is also a great addition. An excellent idea is organizing them on shelves, either by color or size, to decorate the living room, study, or room. You can insert plants, vases, or baskets every certain number of books to give it dynamism.

You can have sewing projects

If you are not a skilled sewer, a sewing machine can do its job for you. A variety of sewing machines can be found on Quilter’s Review, and you can order the one that would be suitable for you. Sewing new pillowcases, quilts, rags, and decorative fabric pieces can save you a lot of money than buying in stores.

You can also consider changing up your curtains and drapes by sewing them yourself! Another easy but effective sewing project is making new cushion covers. You can use old clothes that you don’t want or any material that you find lying around and not being used. Get creative and use different kinds of materials to make it fun.

Having decorative candles

Candles are excellent decorations at home, especially if you want to have a romantic vibe. Candles can set the mood for you and your partner. You can choose different colors, and if you’re going to have a new aroma in a room, you can buy scented candles at your local store.

If you plan to have candles at your home, you should be careful and make sure that you will blow off the candles if you leave the area to avoid fires. You can also make your candles if you want to, as there are millions of videos and tutorials on candle making.

Repainting your house

We know that repainting your house is difficult. The process that it would take can occupy your whole day because of the moving, painting, and drying stages. However, because of the quarantine, you have all the time in the world to have a new wall color. You can also schedule a day that you think is perfect for repainting your home.

If you have the money, you can hire a professional painter to repaint your home. Repainting has several benefits. One of the benefits of repainting your home is increasing its resale value if you ever plan to resell the house and move to another location.

Repurpose old furniture

Another great DIY idea you can tackle that will transform any room’s appearance is repurposing old furniture. Take your dining chairs and reupholster them- it’s relatively easy to do. Because of tutorials online, you can renovate and fix old furniture as long as their condition is strong enough to stay home.

Besides the wall, you can also repaint cupboards, chairs, tables, and other wooden furniture at home. By doing this, you’re going to transform the way a room feels and looks totally- it will seem brand new and is a great thing to do with other family members as well.

Building a window box

If you want to add an extra curb appeal to your window, then you can build a window box for your home. Window boxes are also perfect if your house already has a garden as you can put flowers on your window box. Wood, brick, terracotta, metal, fiberglass, vinyl, and cellular PVC may all be used in window box construction.

Window boxes are usually accessed from indoors and are often used by people who live on upper floors without access to gardens or other plantable areas. They enable plants to be seen by that inside as well as outside. Larger boxes, 10–12 inches in height, can be used to plant items that need more root space and allow flowers to grow.

These are some of the best decorative ideas during the quarantine. Remember that you and your family should stay safe during these times. However, it would be best to keep in mind that even a deadly epidemic cannot stop you from making your home more visually pleasing to you and your guests.

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