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covid honeymoon ideas

Covid friendly honeymoon destinations – glamping, road trip, using honeymoon money to pay the debt or start a home renovation project. Or postpone your trip until everything returns to normal.

Top COVID Honeymoon Ideas for Couples During the Pandemic

While Covid may have disturbed your vision for a perfect wedding day, it does not have to ruin your trip to your ideal honeymoon destination. We will break down the five best honeymoon destination ideas so you can fully enjoy time with your new partner, irrespective of the pandemic. Are you still dreaming of finding your perfect partner and traveling to fantastic honeymoon destinations? Then check out the best online dating sites to find your future husband or wife.

Here 5 of the best honeymoon destinations during the pandemic:


 Spending time in nature is great for our mental and physical health. It is also a great honeymoon low-budget destination. With many people feeling the financial pinch from Covid, this is likely to be a popular option for many couples. Whether you travel to a mountain, lake, desert, or deep in the forest, there are so many options with this honeymoon destination. You won’t have to worry about following any government guidelines concerning social distancing in these isolated destinations. You are more likely to come across bears, foxes, birds, and other wildlife than other people. Those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and truly relax are the perfect honeymoon destinations.

 Just because you are staying out in nature does not mean you need to sleep in a tent or stay warm by the fire. You can take the best parts of camping with glamping but stay in a luxurious cabin with five-star amenities. Decadent cabins will give any luxury hotel a run for their money, providing the scene for a fantastic honeymoon destination.

 Road Trip

 With many of your favorite resorts and hotels closed, hopping in your car and seeing where the road takes you sounds like the perfect honeymoon destination for adventure. You could drive to places you have never seen before or travel to places that hold a special place in each other’s hearts. Maybe you want to visit your first-holiday destination or the place you proposed to your wife. If you are more into spontaneity or adventure, you can simply keep driving until you spot something interesting, pull over, and spend the night. This could lead to an unforgettable honeymoon destination.

 Pay Off Debt

 Ok, ok, we know this is not a very romantic honeymoon destination. However, with the economy in a fragile position, it makes sense for many couples to take the thousands they were planning on dropping on a trip to their perfect honeymoon destination and instead of paying off debt. It will put couples in a much stronger financial position, reducing stress and allowing them to enjoy the early stages of being married without having to worry about money.

 If you have high-interest debt such as credit cards or unsecured loans, it is smart to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Once this debt is gone, you can start planning your dream vacation destination.

 Staycation – An Unusual Honeymoon Destination

 Sometimes the perfect honeymoon destination for relaxation is your own home. Who doesn’t enjoy sleeping in their bed or hopping into their bath? With your favorite hotel likely closed for the foreseeable future, why don’t you turn your home into your very own health resort and spa? Do all the treatments that you would usually get and lay around your home with your loved one. You can order food from your favorite restaurants and create your slice of heaven.

 If you get bored laying around your house after a few days, then it may be the perfect time to start a home renovation project. Did you always want to remodel your bathroom or build a home office? With that extra honeymoon budget and free time on your hands, now is the perfect time to get it done. A trip to a dream honeymoon destination may bring happiness for a week or two, but a stylish renovation could bring you joy for years to come.

Postpone That Trip to Your Ideal Honeymoon Destination

 There is always a future when this Covid thing finally ends to travel to one of your dream honeymoon destinations. It may be the best decision for you to save the money, get through the pandemic, and when things are open and your finances are secure, splash some cash and travel.

 With a whole extra year of saving, you will likely be able to afford a honeymoon destination upgrade. Instead of traveling locally maybe you can visit another country. Instead of flying economy, you could upgrade and go business. Hopefully, you only visit one honeymoon destination, so why not wait until everything is back to normal and fly to one of your perfect honeymoon destinations.


 Finding great honeymoon destinations during Covid is not easy, but we have come up with some great options for you to consider. All of these honeymoon destinations are open and ready for your arrival. If you choose any of these honeymoon destinations, you will have the perfect trip with your partner. We would love to hear about couples who have experience traveling to a honeymoon destination during Covid. Please comment below and share your experiences.

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