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coorg holiday homes

1. Kings Cottage- A Wandertrails Stay

This modest and one of the best homestays in Coorg lies amidst the mountains and aromatic coffee plantations of Coorg. It is perfect for a relaxing holiday. The earthen tiled roofs, the charming red bricks, and the scenic backdrop that flanks it will make you fall for the place.

Kings Cottage offers charming rooms equipped for a modern-day trip with all basic amenities. The large, well-preserved patios offer a spectacular view of the paddy fields and cludged hills. Kodava’s fresh, home-made flavour, full of indigenous taste and flavour. Sip your coffee on the terrace and enjoy nature.

If you are interested, the hosts can organise many active activities. And it’s going to keep you busy and fun. For example, you can walk along the rocky hills, stroll along the coffee plantations and learn the art of picking coffee. There is a river nearby which hills and valleys are covered. You can go with a guide and explore the natural riches. Visit the nearby tribal colonies and learn about their traditions and culture. Enjoy the night fire and have fun with your business.

Why should you be here?

  • Awesome mountain view and scented coffee plantation
  • Walks through nature and plantation, visits to the Tribal Village and excursions
  • Kodava authentic food, warm welcome

Things to do in the home

  • A walk through the rocky hills.
  • The path into the green plantation of the coffee.
  • Have fun in the private waterfall with your colleagues.
  • Start exploring Coorg’s tribal face.

2.  Crimson Eye – A Wandertrails Stay

In Madikeri, in the middle of green slopes is this traditional villa. And this brings a good break from the worldly life of the city. The natural ethic of this Coorg homestay compliments simplicity in architecture, earthen-tiled ceilings and a sylvan charm. And this comfortable villa, retaining its old essence, is renovated and ideally suited to small groups.

The living room is a good chat room or to enjoy a cup of Coorgi coffee with its lively seating. The humble watchman is welcoming and welcoming. You can either choose Kodava homely food or cook alone.

Tours can be arranged to nearby picturesque and popular places. For example, walk through the properties for plantations or for a jeep safari. Or, for a relaxing experience, you can wander on the green pastures of the rice fields. In the evening, you can sit around the campfire and enjoy the warmth of tales, snacks and home-made wine. Still, wondering how this list of Coorg’s best homestays is?

Why should you be here?

  • A charming, traditional villa with a friendly caretaker
  • Delectable Kodava food in a crackling campfire with home-made wine
  • Many exploratory and experiencing activities

Things to do in the home

  • A tour of the popular tourist places with guided tours.
  • Camp for elephant Dubares visits the Tibetan settlement.
  • Take a walk to the café or opt for a jeep safari.
  • Trekking, camping, rafting and much more adventure.

3. At Green Peppers – A Wandertrails Stay

Wake up to the smell of fresh peppers and start your day with a taste of brushed coffee, while spending time here. This is one of Coorg’s best homestays, nestled among a coffee grove with a continuous stream. And thus this household becomes a good place to spot birds and butterflies.

This guest house is situated in Ammathi village and offers rooms of different sizes. All modern amenities are provided to make your stay comfortable. The whole house is fitted out with simple but complex furnishings and ceramic tiles. The simple hall has its own elegance, with its minimum furnishings, colourful rugs and wooden cabinets. Clean and tidy, traditional sports rooms add additional charm to your vacation. Also surrounded by a luxuriant coffee plantation, the property is always fresh and pleasant.

This place’s ambience is perfect for a relaxing walk due to the vast expanses of stately Silver oak, flowering trees and fruit. The property is a bird’s haven and so you can have a fun birdwatching session. In the vicinity of the property is a constant river and therefore in the evening makes for a lovely haven. And this home is, in short, one of Coorg’s best homestays.

Why should you be here?

  • A home in Coorg inside a lush coffee and pepper plantation
  • Authentic Kodava cuisine and fresh home-grown coffee
  • Watching birds, visiting birds and watersides

Things to do in the home

  • A walk through the vast areas of the rugged silver oak trees.
  • Trekking, trekking, rafting and many more adventurous activities.
  • Relax on the shores of the nearby river.

4. Chetty’s Homestay – A Wandertrails Showcase

An arch of natural leaves and branches forms a canopy of the road to this lovely cottage in Coorg. Chetty’s home is surrounded by hills, thick forested trees and luxuriant coffee plantings. And it gives you the much-needed holiday you are looking for.

The traditional architecture of the place complements the natural ethos of the place, with its bricked walls and steel tiled towers. Interior with a sylvatic flavour gives it stylish apparel. The comfortable décor and tapestry make it one of Coorg’s best houses.

A clubhouse built for your dinner fire and music with some good wine is built into the property. Authentic delicacies from Kodava will surely water your mouth. You might even enjoy snacks and drinks around a fire with loved ones. The guardians are extremely humble and friendly and will always help you.

The property is near River Cauvery and in the vicinity of the home, there is a quiet and peaceful lake. Enjoy walks along the river, picnic or just relax by the bank of the river. You can also ride through the property for a jeep. Take a walk across the property’s coffee plantations. In addition, if you love such an experience, indulge in some fishing, or hiking. Play a shuttle or basketball game during this holiday, or just rent a bike at the residence and explore the village.

 Why should you be here?

  • Kodava cuisines are delicious to savour as you enjoy a hot bonfire
  • The rhythms of the river and the birds are beautiful in the mornings.
  • Clubhouse for parties and fun with friends

Things to do in the home

  • A soothing walk along the banks of the Cauvery River.
  • Jeep to the green plantation. Jeep.
  • Trekking, trekking, rafting and many more adventurous activities.
  • Play badminton or basketball with pleasure.

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