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lake treks in india

1. Bhrigu Lake Trek

Altitude: 8,530 ft to 14,009 ft

Grade Category: Easy to Moderate

Best season to visit: May to November

The Bhrigu Lake Trek is located about 20 km north of Manali. If you’re a trekking novice, then this trek is an ideal option for you to explore the wilderness . No other trek will take you as far as Bhrigu Trek to the fascinating peak. This place was the home of Bhrigu Maharishi, and people felt lucky to be there.

The trek does not only offer the mesmeric lake view but also offers a great view of grasslands.Texture, shape and color shift in the meadows remains with you all along the trek.You’ll see the meadows at their lushest green in the months of July to September. Everywhere, you can spot wildflowers.You can also see the mountains of Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar dominating the skyline from these grassy knolls.

2. Roop kund trek

Altitude: 5029 m

Grade category : Moderate to Difficult

Best season to visit: April to June

The Roopkund trek sits in the lap of Trishul Peak and Nanda Ghunti.It is situated in Garhwal’s Chamoli district. It is known for the bones preserved at the bottom of human skeletons. Therefore, it was named Skeleton Lake, and locals called it the Mystery Lake.

It takes you across pristine forests while listening to roaring sounds of rivers. A memorable experience is served by lush greenery, numerous birds of many species, the surrounding Himalayan peaks, the flat plains and the Hindu temples.You will get to witness conifer forests at the edge of the hills along with the Pindar river, which will provide you a sensational adventure. This trek is situated at the base of two Himalayan hills, Trishul and Nandghungti, giving you the experience of bucolic life.

3. Kashmir great lake trek

Altitude: 13800 feet

Grade Category: Moderate to Difficult

Best season to visit: July to September

Kashmir great lake trek is described as the paradise on the Earth. It offers some of the most interesting and amazing views of seven high altitude alpine lakes and fascinating meadows.

If you want to see snow patches falling into the beautiful lake from the mountains then,this is just what you will witness on the trek to the Great Lakes of Kashmir. Not only this, but you will also find white icebergs floating on the top of the lake, making the lake more breathtaking. The shores are packed with lush green grassland and you can walk along with it. This journey will be more special and unforgettable with the gushing streams, rugged terrain and rustic villages.

4. Brahmatal trek

Altitude: 12,250 ft

Grade Category: Difficult to challenging

Best Season to visit: January & February

Due to the mountain views it provides, the Brahmatal trek is among the favorites. It has magnificent woods, two lakes to look forward to and a meadow to cross through. In peak winter, the entire trail is covered under snow, which provides you a mesmeric view.

It has such a fascinating view that beats that of others. You see the white wall of the Trishul massif as you climb out of the beautiful rhododendron and oak forest, which gets closer as you cross the ridge toward Jhandi Peak.

You are almost at the middle of the mountain views at Jhandi Peak. The big Mount Trishul rises to your right and Mt Nanda Ghunti stands to your left and they remain with you throughout the trek.

And,that’s not all. A new range of mountains opens up before you at the highest point of this trek, and you see Mt. Neelkanth, Mt. Hathi Ghoda. All these experiences are here to be won.

5. Chandratal Lake

Altitude: 4300 m

Grade Category: Easy to moderate

Best Season to visit: June to the midst of October

Chandratal Lake is famous with the name “Trekker’s Paradise”. It is the most visited high-altitude lake as it is one of India’s two high-altitude wetlands that have been designated as Ramsar sites. It can be easily located on the plateau of Samudra Tapu.

In the year 2005, this trek was declared a world heritage site. There could not be a better place to kickstart your journey than Chandratal if you are looking for a great mix of adventure and laidback holidays.This trek you through Batal’s treacherous trails that will set your adrenaline flowing. It provides the most spectacular views of the area of Spiti.

The lake’s beauty represents every color in the sky, making you feel at home with mother nature from the depths of its aquatic life.

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