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apartment hunting in dubai

It is a common perception apartment hunting in Dubai is rather easy because of the abundant options one has at their disposal. However, due to this very fact, the whole process can become difficult or rather overwhelming. With so many options available, one can easily feel stressed and overwhelmed when making a pick.

Moreover, new projects are being launched by top developers. This further adds to the already growing list of residential properties in Dubai. To make things easy for you, we are presenting you with a list of important things that you must keep in mind when apartment hunting in the emirate.

Take a look at them:

Be Specific with Your Requirements

Always be very specific with your requirements and communicate them clearly to your agent. Being confused or clueless in this regard will only make the entire process more challenging. Of course, there can be a little room for flexibility, but try and be very precise. If your interest lies in waterfront homes in Dubai Marina, tell this to your agent. Similarly, you should be clear about the number of rooms you want in your apartment unit. If you have other specific requirements vis-à-vis amenities and facilities, they should also be communicated to the agent in a very clear manner.

Choose the Location Wisely

Your lifestyle, living condition, the current and future value of the property – everything depends on the location. Therefore, you must choose it wisely. If you are looking for a rather quaint and serene lifestyle, you can pick an apartment located away from the city centre. However, bear in mind that it will lead to commuting issues. Depending on the location of the property, you may have to spend a lot of time in your car while commuting to your workplace.

Similarly, if you are more inclined to find a place that’s close to the city’s hubbub and offers a vibrant lifestyle, any community that lies in the centre of the city, amidst its top attractions, would make for a perfect choice. However, the flipside here is that apartments in such communities are quite costly.

Apart from lifestyle, other factors to consider when choosing a location for your apartment include accessibility and nearby facilities and amenities. Moreover, if you intend to settle with your family, ensure that the area is family-friendly.

Lastly, if you are an ex-pat, make sure to pick a location that’s listed among freehold areas.

Set a Budget

Not setting the budget is one of the serious mistakes many people make when buying a property. With so many lavish properties available in Dubai, one can always feel inclined towards buying something that they cannot afford. This can disturb their entire budget. By making such a mistake, you will be overburdening yourself with monthly mortgage instalments that will consume a major chunk of your monthly income.

Therefore, it is advised to set a budget and stick to it. The budget should be realistic and set after thoroughly studying the market. Setting an unrealistic budget will further create problems for you. So, it’s important that you pay attention to this aspect very tactfully. Do not forget to take into account additional expenses, such as DEWA connection charges, agent’s fee, etc.

Get a Real Estate Agent on Board

With so many property portals available, many believe that buying a property in Dubai is quite easy. However, this isn’t entirely true. It’s true that sorting listings has now become easier than ever, but, in most cases, you would need the help of an agent to guide you through the entire process. They can also negotiate the price on your behalf and assist you in paperwork. Make sure to choose an experienced agent while you are at it.

Waiting Can Be Better

At times, waiting to settle in a property can prove to be a better option, particularly on monetary terms. For example, there are numerous off-plan projects in Dubai. Prices of apartments in such projects are comparatively lower as compared to ready properties. Furthermore, the payment plan is convenient as well. For instance, waterfront properties in Dubai Marina are quite expensive. But, you can book a unit in Stella Maris Tower – the last waterfront project in the community and get yourself a luxurious apartment without burning a hole in your pockets.

We hope that keeping these important things in consideration will help you make an informed decision and find the apartment of your dreams.

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