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The driving laws are being seriously looked upon in the past few years and are becoming stricter day by day. Penalties are charged against people who drive without following the rules, most certainly against the ones who drink and drive and cause harm to others on their way. In this article, we will explore some possible ways of driving and reaching home safely.

So, here are the top apps that offer a number of alternatives to help you reach home safely.


This can be your go-to app when you are running low on cash but want to ensure your safety. The DriveU app offers safe and comfortable rides at very reasonable rates. It is a car booking app that allows you to hire driver services in your city starting at just Rs.89/hour. You can hire on an hourly basis and use their service even on your vehicle. The app uses your location on the map to pick you up. The DriveU app provides services on advanced bookings. So, even before getting on to the party mood, you can make sure that your safety is already in safe hands.


You can choose this app when you are wildly drunk and need someone to come and pick you from the bar. You can either book in advance or request a driver on an urgent basis. The driver arrives at your location, picks up your car & you and drops you off at your desired location at any time of the day. The app allows you to hire services to pay using e-payment options and choose to go cashless. The Zuver app is counted as a crucial and safe one for women especially. Their service can save you from any mishap on a drunk night.

Drink Companion

The app is your perfect partner whenever you need to check your Alcohol Content (BAC) value. The app is designed to help you know when to stop drinking. The BAC value shows the relative amount of alcohol or ethanol present in your body. The same model is used by the police to measure a person’s BAC value using a breathalyzer. The Drink Companion app uses a mathematical model for calculating BAC that has been tested in practice against a breathalyzer. To calculate your BAC value, you will have to enter the amount of alcohol you consumed, the time since consumption, and your weight. The app will then let you know if you have crossed the permissible Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit and you will be able to see a graph of your body’s BAC level.


The DriversKart is yet another useful app to help you reach home safely after getting drunk. You can hire a driver as per your requirements like an hourly, full-day, one-way trip, round trip, etc. The app ensures safe and comfortable rides for its users by providing drivers that are fully insured and carefully screened for clean driving, hygiene, drug tested and background checked. The minimum fare starts at Rs 89 for the first hour, additional costs then are measured by Rs 1.5 per minute. The night charges vary from the ones offered during the day. Rs 150 extra is charged if you are hiring their service between 10 PM–6 AM.

Whistle Drive

The Whistle Drive app provides professional and trained on-demand drivers right at your doorsteps. You can even hire a temporary driver on an hourly basis for your car at just Rs 75 per hour! You can either hire their services for one way or round trips within city limits and outstation trips as well. The best and the most distinguishing part of this car booking app is that it provides valet parking services for events, hotels, and hospitals.


The ZoomZoom app allows you to book cabs on the go during any time of the day. Once you have signed up on the app, you can book a ride and choose the type of car that suits you the best. You can either book urgently or pre-book a cab to save yourself after getting drunk. The ZoomZoom drivers make sure that they safely drop you at your location even during the late-night hours. You can track your whole ride in real-time and be sure the right route is being followed. To make you more comfortable, the app allows you to add up to three emergency contacts.


This app is an expert in providing experienced, trained, and background verified drivers to help you reach home after getting high on your weekend night out parties. You can expect to avail of both uniformed as well as non-uniformed drivers at your convenience such as on a per-minute/ hour/day/week/month/permanent basis for both local and outstation trips at affordable prices. You can pay using either of the payment options- cash or PayTm.

Party Hard Drivers

This app also offers uniformed drivers that are reliable, professional, trained, and capable of driving all cars. Earlier, the app provided drivers only at night but now it has expanded its services during the day and for outstation trips as well. It offers a rate card after 7 pm for 6 hours at Rs 850. Apart from this, it also offers rides between 6 am and 4 pm for 8 hours at the same price. The app charges Rs. 50/hour after a 6 hours ride.


This is another app that offers insured and background-checked drivers. The app monitors the driver’s movements in real-time to ensure the safety of the customers travelling in the cab. The app offers its service throughout the day and night and can be accessed with just a few clicks. The rate card may vary from Rs 125 per hour to Rs 900 for 12 hours. However, you will be charged Rs 100 extra during nights.

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