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office table plants

According to Servest, a facilities management group that provides a large variety of corporate interior solutions and products throughout South Africa, Africa, and the United Kingdom, buying plants online for the office environment is something every company should consider. Scientific studies have shown that the benefits of luscious green accents throughout the office are much more extensive than you may think, including physical and psychological benefits such as increased concentration as well as improved health. For the cost-conscious business owner, it may be good to know that the cost to benefit ratio is certainly worth considering. According to research, the presence of plants can lift the spirits, enhancing employee performance and wellbeing.

Plants reduce stress

The presence of plants in work environments makes spaces appear calmer and friendlier. Offices become more colorful and relaxing when plants are introduced. Apart from these psychological effects, physical effects such as a reduction in blood pressure due to the presence of plants are certainly also worth mentioning. Feeling more relaxed and comfortable in the workplace has a significant impact on stress reduction.

Options for ideal Office Plants to enliven the workplace interior

Picking the right plant for your space can be precarious because of the need for light and water and space limitations. The accompanying plants are a determination of ones we most as often as possible utilize that flourish in most daily life circumstances.

1.Dracaena massangeana – It is generally referred to as a corn plant. These plants are ideal for that low light corner that does not appear to give enough light to any plant to develop. It has thick sticks finished with expansive green foliage with yellow stripes in the focal point of the takes off. Their height can go from 3′ to 10′. The Mass Cane is reliably a most loved one with clients and with their maintenance experts.

2. Epipremnum aureum – Referred to some as Pothos or Devil’s Ivy, this plant is generally mistaken for a philodendron. Like the philodendron, Pothos come in a wide range of left sizes, colors, and thicknesses. Not at all like philodendrons, Pothos leaves are dependably heart-shaped. The color of this foliage ranges from silver to strong green to green with white or shining specs. This is the plant that you will constantly observe establishing in the water on work areas perhaps even in your own office.

3. Zamia zamiifolia – Also called a ZZ plant, is a rich gleaming green leaved plant that can flourish in low light conditions. The ZZ has a thick low development propensity and puts off leaf spikes. Like a succulent, this plant makes an awesome centerpiece for discussion and requires almost no water.

4. Dracaena deremensis ‘Janet Craig’ – Also called the JC, similar to the Mass Cane, is in the Dracaena family. This plant comes in a few sizes and shapes from a work area size to a 3′ shrubbery to a stick frame that develops to around 6′. The JC has a similar leaf shape as the mass cane yet has strong green wide clears out. This is an awesome decision for an area with low to medium light scenarios.

5. Absorbing plant (Cactus) – According to recent studies, certain plants can absorb the radiation that emits from technological devices such as your computer. They are not that expensive either. You can simply place one next to your laptop or CPU device. There are many other plants you can also order plants online for your desk, but the four above are what we recommend as the best plants.

6. Rhapis excelsa – Also called as Rhapis Palm and otherwise called the Broadleaf Lady Palm. It is one of only a handful of palms that will endure low light conditions. It is an extremely rich palm that is moderate developing and is developed to a great extent in Hawaii. They are thick with palmate dim green leaves that take after a human palm and fingers. These range in height with a measure from 3′ to more than 10′.

7. Aqua-plant(Amazon sword) – These plants are easy to maintain because they live in water, and not soil. On that note, you will need to replace the water frequently. Dirty water can attract insects like mosquitoes, which would be the last thing you would want on your table. Some people like to get large glass vases and also keep small fishes inside. This is a good way to make your desk area more interesting. If you ever get bored while you are at your table, you can simply look at the vase and see the small fishes swim around.

Further studies indicated that employee creativity levels were greatly enhanced due to the presence of plants. The study suggested that this occurrence could be attributed to ancient human instincts indicating that the presence of plants also signifies the presence of food such as fruit, causing us to relax more, increasing feelings of happiness and opening us up to creative thinking. Hence it is important to have plants whether you buy indoor plants online or offline.

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