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Raising kids isn’t an easy job especially when they’re going through emotional ups and downs. Almost every kid goes through such ups and downs and periods of moodiness that affect their overall life. However, being a parent, it’s your duty to know if your child is going through difficult times or struggling with something. 

Being moody sometimes or showing aggression and irresponsibility is natural and all children do it. But when these habits become a routine and you can feel that your kid isn’t acting normal, you must immediately see a child psychologist.

On this note, today we’re going to talk about some clear signs that show it’s better to seek professional child psychologist help for your kid. Remember that going through a few mood swings or changes is a natural part of growing and every child reacts to growing up differently and being a parent, you must understand this.

Nevertheless, if you feel or observe any of the following signs in your kid, see an expert at your earliest.

Sudden Change in Sleeping Habits

An apparent sign that your kid needs child psychologist help is a sudden change in their sleeping habits. When a child is going through depression or feeling anxious, their sleeping pattern gets disturbed. They may sleep a lot, or have difficulty in sleeping. Furthermore, you may also find them sleeping at odd hours. 

If you observe that your kid is going through this phase, it is best that you consult a professional at your earliest. Seeing a professional will help you in assessing what your child may be going through and help them in overcoming that disturbing phase.

Prefer Staying Alone

Some kids are introverted. They do not like mingling with others, and that’s absolutely fine because it is a part of their personality. However, if your kid was an extrovert earlier, but has suddenly started to stay alone. And if they are not involved with the rest of their family members like they used to be, talk with them. 

Isolation is a clear sign that the kid might need help but they are afraid to reach out. Therefore, it is best that you talk with your kid yourself first but if you aren’t able to help them, see a professional. It’s best to consult a reputable centre such as Camali Clinic where you can get the best help for your kid.

Shows Signs of Clinginess

If you observe that your child is relying on you a bit too much and becoming extra clingy these days, it’s a warning.

Increased clinginess shows that the child is afraid or something for going through something which makes them less confident to be on their own. Firstly, you can try to talk it out with your kid and resolve the problem they might be facing. However, if you aren’t able to do it by yourself, see a professional.

Gets Irritated Easily

Irritation is a clear sign of anxiety. Children particularly, teens and adolescents use agitation, witty responses, and irritation as a means of showing there is something going on with them. Therefore, in case you’re feeling that your kid is getting extra irritated or is showing aggressive behavior, you should talk to them one on one.

Psychologists believe that for parents, reaching out and listening to your kids is crucial for their development. Children can be more open to their parents then they expect them to be as all they need is their parents to hear them out. However, even if after having discussions with your child you aren’t able to help them out, it’s best to see an expert.   

Not Engaging in Favourite Activities

If your child is not doing those everyday activities that they loved doing, it’s not a healthy sign. Sometimes, a child may be just tired of doing the same activity over and over again but you have to determine whether it’s disinterest or fatigue. Being a parent, it is always best to ask your child directly about their changing interests and if you don’t seem satisfied, consult a professional.   

Disturbed Eating

Disturbance in the eating pattern of your child isn’t healthy and it can be a warning for a bigger problem. If you feel that the eating pattern of your kid isn’t normal, seek professional help as it can be a sign of depression. Eating too much or not eating at all and sometimes, even binge eating are all clear signs of depression and anxiety according to experts.

As stated above, it’s best to visit a professional psychologist in Dubai when you observe these signs. It will help in early diagnosis and timely treatment.

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